Increase The Size Of Your Mouse Pointer (XP)

The size and the brightness of the mouse pointer is Windows XP is sometimes difficult to see. The size is likely suitable for those with good vision but unsuitable for those with vision impairments.

Windows XP allows you to change the appearance of the mouse pointer so that it is bigger and brighter, thereby easier to see. To accomplish this, open the Mouse applet within the Control Panel and select the Pointers tab. Using the drop down arrow under Scheme, you can select a different scheme that best meets your vision requirements. For example, if you need to mouse pointer to appear larger, select the Magnified scheme or use the Windows Standard (large) scheme. Be sure to experiment with the various schemes so you choose the one that is right for your vision.

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  • Mark Southard

    Thanks for the tip on enlarging ones cursor……………

    but is there a way to change the color of the cursor as well??

    Many thanks

  • http://none Kevin Bodnar

    Dear Diana Huggins,

    How do I increase the size in Windows Vista? I saw you said how I can
    in Windows XP but what about the people who have Windows Vista.
    Thank you for your time.


  • mbm

    Great advice – concise, clear and it worked first time! Thanks.

  • Ron

    I tried it, but there is “none” under “scheme” which I cannot change. I have a Dell desktop with Windows XP. Adding a mouse trail ws the best I could do to make it more visible.

  • Rich

    Thank you sweetie! Just what I was looking for!