What Is A Computer Worm?

A computer worm is similar to a computer virus (in fact they are sometimes called “computer worm viruses”) in that they infect your computer and usually do bad things. However, unlike most computer viruses, which rely on their host (or another program on their host), computer worm viruses tend to be self-propagating. This means that computer worms are entirely self-contained, and have everything they need on board to do their dirty work once they are downloaded to your computer.

Computer worms typically do things like install spyware and adware on your system, and have been known to also install keyword loggers and backdoors to your computer system that allow whomever created the worm to take control of your computer remotely, and use it for no good, such as sending spam through your computer without you even knowing!

These worms can be spread a variety of ways, nearly all of them without your knowing. For example, they can be included as an attachment in an e-mail. For this reason you should never click on an e-mail attachment unless you were expecting it and are sure of what it is. Just because you know the person who appeared to send you the e-mail doesn’t mean that you can trust the attachment, as one thing which computer worms do is grab addresses from a victim’s e-mail address book, and then send e-mail to those addresses which appears to be from the victim, but is really just the worm replicating itself.

Another way that computer worms are spread is…

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