Computer Lease End Woes

I’m a big believer in computer leasing in the right situations. Alas, I’m sitting at the end of the lease on my desktop PC, with a LCD monitor that’s just gone on the blink. The LCD display went poof just after lunch today, without any warning. I wasn’t too worried at first, thinking that I’d still be covered under the service contract. But when I went to check things out, I got an unpleasant surprise…

Both the on-site service contract and three-year warranty wrapped up last month. Without a peep from either Gateway or the leasing company.

Yeah, it’s my fault for not staying on top of things. I should have dug out the paperwork months ago, in anticipation of the lease end.

I’ve been planning to hold onto the PC. Other than being noisy, it’s been rock solid (knock wood). The lease buyout at fair market value seemed like a pretty good deal.

But that was with a working monitor. Now I’m just hoping that I don’t have to replace the monitor along with those noisy fans…

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