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As simple as it may seem, a logo can really make or break the first impression that your company or service receives. While it may be tempting to just jump into an application like Photoshop or Illustrator and work on a few concepts yourself, you definitely shouldn’t hesitate on getting other people’s opinions – especially if they’re familiar with graphic design. I’ve consulted talented people in the past, and their advice has allowed me to take drab concepts and turn them into something compelling. Of course, creating your own logo isn’t always the best idea if you don’t have any familiarity with design, and if that sounds like you, then it’s probably best to leave this creative work to the professionals. The Logo Loft will create an original design for you in only a few business days.

The designers that are a part of this company are very talented, and they’ve done work for many high-end clients. Several design packages are available to you, and they vary on delivery time, concept/revision amounts, and several other options. When a final logo is agreed upon, you’ll receive it in a nice number of formats, which assures you that you’ll be able to apply the graphic to whatever you need.

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  • Wally

    These people at the LogoLoft are LIARS and Deceivers. Do NOT Trust them… as they Love to Pass-the-Buck when dealing with screwed-over irate Paying customers!

  • Lisa

    The Logo Loft has many many complaints with the Better Business Bureau. I wish I had checked with the BBB before giving these people money. I paid extra for them to design letterhead and business cards for me. They never did the work, nor did they present me with any concepts. They simply kept my money and ignored all of my emails requesting my designs. When I wrote requesting a refund (their website says they guarantee their work), I was told they do not refund add-ons. I’m so mad that I spent this money and got absolutely nothing for it! Don’t make the same mistake I did – check and see all the complaints about the Logo Loft.

  • Cosette

    I have had a terrible experience with The Logo Loft myself. I will file complaints with just about any organization I can think of. I went to the Better Business Bureau website, but did not see any report on the company, so I was wondering what happened with those many complaints. Perhaps we can take this up somewhere together. “Class action lawsuit”… Any ideas? And how did those complaints disappear? Feel free to contact me at [email protected].

  • Andy

    I have been dealing with Logo Loft for a month trying to get a Logo done and they continue to promise it and then don’t deliver. If you haven’t started, don’t use them.


  • Kirk

    The logo loft has not delivered my logo as promised. I have yet to see one image from them!

  • Cole

    They are horrible. My poor logo turned out with crappy clip art that is free from the internet. Nobody will call me back and they obviously cannot read instructions. After reading your reviews, I documented all my attempted corespondence with them to assure they do not get away with charging my credit card.

  • John Doe

    I placed an order 6 months ago and after waiting nearly a month I finally contacted them to see what was going on with my first round of concepts. I was told that “my ticket had been misplaced” and that I would see some logo concepts within 2 business days. I did receive the first round of concepts but they were absolutely HORRIBLE! It honestly looked like someone took 5 minutes using Coreldraw to throw some stuff together. The next day I connected to their live chat client and was speaking to Amber. I aired my displeasure and she informed me that she did not have any information on my order, her job was for new customers. I called the number listed on their site (the toll free is disconnected) and guess who I spoke with? Yep, it was Amber. Apparently they only have access to your account if you call.

    She apologized and said that I would receive new revisions if I logged into my account and sent through their system. I did that and sent a copy to myself. Another month goes by and I still don’t receive any new revisions so I call again. This time I speak to someone else who tells me that the revision email was never sent. I told her that I had confirmation in my email of when I sent the revisions. She apologized and gave me a free rush. She said it would guarantee that I received them within 24 hours since it was now a rush job.

    Another month goes by and still nothing. I send numerous emails to people on their contact page and received no response. Finally, someone named Aaron emails me and says that he is the President of The Logo Loft telling me that the revisions were in my client center. I log in and nope, they weren’t there. He then emailed me back apologizing (that is one thing that company is pretty good at) and said that he would handle it immediately.

    Another month goes by and still nothing so I call and ask for a refund. The girl on the phone gave me the runaround and told me that she had to have her manager contact me. I said no, I didn’t want a phone call or an email with more excuses. I just wanted a refund. She was actually the only nice person I had ever spoken to while dealing with this company. I did not raise my voice but was/am very frustrated and she told me that I was the “nicest person she had dealt with all day” – that speaks volumes.

    She told me that it would take 2-3 days for her to process it to her manager, whatever that means. So I will probably have to charge this back to my credit card and move forward to get my money refunded.

    I would avoid this company like the plague! They are not professional and don’t even come close to delivering what they advertise on their site. I really don’t think they designed any of the logo samples they have posted because the concepts I received are lightyears behind what they have posted.

    I should have done more research before placing an order because there are numerous websites where people are saying pretty much the same thing I’m saying here.

  • Lance Bronson

    Please share your comments about the logo loft at so they can’t rip off anymore small business owners. You know the logos on their site (GE, Outback, Etc.) weren’t designed by them – they are lying, theiving crooks!

    It has been 6 months and they are still avoiding me. Please share your comments and get the bad publicity wagon rolling.

  • Cheri

    I had a terrible experience with The Logo Loft, but they had messed with the wrong person. I fought them like a mad-woman and eventually got my refund. However, the refund came from the works of my credit card company, who demanded the refund or they would charge back the price anyway and report them to authorities. There are many safeguards against transactions conducted online, you just have to know how to use them and how to let Aaron Carr you know your rights! I have tons of correspondance from the Mr. Carr, all of which were nothing but lies. Unfortunately for Mr. Carr, he was dumb enough to actually put the lies in writing–if you have correspondance from him, save it! It will become your weapon of getting your $$ back. Also, if you paid with a credit card, let the CC company try to get your money back for you. But do it soon- I have a feeling this company won’t be around much longer… I wrote more of this experience on the blog…

  • Brian

    Wow , I wish I had seen this page before flushing my hard earned money down The Logo Loft toilet. I had about the same experience as the other folks here and would advise anyone NOT to use The Logo Loft.

  • Barbara

    I’m speechless. I thought it was just me. I too have hired the Logo Loft to do my logo and business cards for my new company. After numerous complaints about time and rudeness of the customer service staff, I finally got my logo. But, I have yet to get my business cards. They sent a box of cards to me that were incorrect. My name was not on them and the phone was all 0’s! After speaking with Lucy Carr (her and her husband Aaron Carr own the company), she assured me in the nicest of ways that my problem would be taken care of. We it’s been a few months now and I can’t get anyone to return my calls or my e-mails.
    This is outragous! A company cannot be allowed to continue in this manner. Something has to be done.
    I’ll follow the advice of the last post and try to get my monies refunded from the credit card company.
    Thank you all.

  • Julie

    be careful people. spend your hard earned money somewhere else.

  • Vince Kontoh

    I wish I’d checked on this company first, they are incrdibly incompetent, both in the design, understanding of simple English instructions and keeping their word. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel

    I paid the The Logo Loft for their Bronze Package which promised four logo concepts in three business days. Filled out a form to describe what I was looking for in my logo.

    Five business days later I received two logo concepts, instead of four. The two I did receive were not even close to the design I had asked for (vintage, elegant, and classy). Instead one looked like it belonged on packaging for children’s toys and the other was a futuristic, sleek logo.

    I contacted the company, they said they had trouble uploading the other two, which I thought was just a load of crap, but at least they could have let me know. Their communication is ZERO. The rep promised they’d be there that evening.

    3 business days later, still only two logo concepts and no communication from the company. This isn’t hard people. At this point I request a refund. I talk to a rep that asks me if I’d like to go ahead and request NEW concepts, and informs me this would make me ineligible for a future refund. I tell the rep I am absolutely NOT asking for new concepts, as the original four were never provided in the first place. They tell me they will cancel my order.

    It takes me another week to get a response from anyone that my money will be refunded. In all, two weeks wasted with The Logo Loft before I received my refund. In the meantime, my wife drew up a logo for the company that looked better than anything The Logo Loft had managed to produce.

    You get what you pay for. I recommend you shop somewhere else for your logo needs. Bottom line: nice website, terrible designs, communication, and customer service.

  • Dave Larson

    Welcome to my nightmare:

    I’m opening a Private Investigations business. I contact LL in June for the gold package ($395). I give them some detailed desires for the logo – stylized like their “pegasus” logo, but in a “viking” theme – maybe a winged helmet a al Thor. I *DID* get clip art – I found the exact same pictures on line. So what I got was clip art and my name in different fonts. Fortunately, I had done some research and a relative is a graphic artist, so we put our heads together and came up with a prototype for my current logo. Then the pain started. I returned 6 different requests for revision – little tweaks here and there. In at least three instances, the revision instructions weren’t followed. (When I asked later, Lucy Carr admitted in e-mail that they have a glitch in their revision submission page that “times out” if you take too long to submit the revision request). So in some cases my revisions were simply not received. As compensation for the delays, I was bumped to “RUSH” status, and given an additional 250 free business cards.

    Finally, the logo got close to what I wanted – there was an alignment problem in the longship’s sail, but it was livable while in small scale. It was now the end of July. And all the time, I was encountering the same day-counting system that Jeff did. Often my order was 6-8 business days between revisions.

    By Aug 4, Lucy Carr was allegedly handling my account personally. My business card, stationery, and envelope designs came next. I made a few font change suggestions – and had to upload my own font to them (Schindler Small Caps) to get the job done. But the design was approved.

    It was then that they redefined “pain.”

    Since mid-August, I have been told that my order has twice been sent to the press. First time was after my first call on September 4. My order was sent to press today. Should be 3-5 business days. I call on September 12 (knowing that they count each day as just half a day). It just so happens that on the day MY order went to press, the press broke – for EIGHT days. Today is the first day the press is going to be fixed. My order will be priority because of the delay. Honest. Really. On September 20, I called. My order was shipped today. Really. Really? Really. What is my tracking number? The guy who ships didn’t enter it in the computer before he left for the day. I hope you didn’t pay that guy for failing to complete his work. I call back the next day. What is my tracking number? We’re looking for it. I call back the next day. What is my tracking number? Your order was not completed and it is at the press now, but our press is broken again.

    In my best Geico caveman impression: “WHAT!?”

    At this point, I started bombarding with e-mail and calls. I don’t want my order anymore. You made a logo and stationery design for me – I’m fair – keep half the money, send me the CD with the files on it. I begged. I threatened. I yelled. Finally, I did what others here have done. Turned the whole thing over to my credit card company. And I’m asking for a full refund.

    I did receive one e-mail in all that – just one. The customer service supervisor, Jennifer Miller, denied my request for a partial refund, referencing the TOS. But assured me that they would make whatever changes to my order needed to be made to meet the 100% satisfaction promise. If only I would tell them what the problem is…..

    I know that their TOS says any claims against them are agreed to be heard in Montgomery AL. I also know that in the long run, it will be cheaper to pay me $395 in a refund rather than hire a lawyer and go to court. Which really makes all of this stupidity times insanity times the power of ten. I’m absolutely willing to travel to Alabama to have a judge hear this. If they sue me, I will counter-sue. And I’ve never filed a lawsuit in my life and hate lawyers, but this company needs it.

    If you are in the market for a logo design or anything else that LL might offer, RUN – do not walk – to the nearest “escape” key, drink large volumes of your favorite malt beverage, then smash the keyboard over your head (you don’t have to drink, but it dulls the pain).
    Dave Larson – October 11th, 2007 at 3:41 pm

  • Margaret

    I’m afraid that I too was dazzled by the website and took the lure with the hidden hook… incompetent customer service. I won’t belabor the whole ordeal, but basically I started my “3 day logo turnaround” in late July 2007. Some of my first logos actually had my company name spelled wrong! I spent August and 1/2 of September waiting, pushing and pulling a logo out of them. I finally approved the logo on Sept 14 and waited .. and waited. I started calling and writing. Finally today (10/16) I copied customer service, lead customer service, and Lucy Carr giving them the “final notice” before I contacted the BBB and the bank.. This is really the worst customer service I’ve ever seen. Suggestion for others: I met a woman who put was very happy with the results of her logo that she put out for bid on (click on “Contests”). I think she put out a contest for a prize of ~$300 and got 90 designs! She selected a design from someone in Malaysia. More designs and a happy ending for the same amount of money.

  • Scott Elkin

    “Chargeback” is your friend. Just call your credit card and dispute the charge. Even if you don’t win the first time, just initiate it again. 98% of the time you will win the second ESPECIALLY if you have proof of negligence by the Logo Loft Scammers.

  • Skip

    Contact the President at home:
    Aaron Carr
    (334) 284-3827
    7112 Knoll Loop,
    Montgomery, AL 36116

  • John Doe

    What Scott says is true, chargebacks are your friend. That is the only way I was able to get my money back from them. They never even tried to fight it.

    Don’t waste your tme arguing with their customer service people, just charge it back and save yourself a ton of headaches. Just print what is posted here and on that other site, and include that in your dispute. You’ll win 100% of the time.

    Life is too short to spend trying to get something you paid your hard earned money for.

  • Andrea Davis-Powell

    My client referred me to The Logo Works…but to save $500 I went with The Logo Works. At first I was satisfied, that is until it was time to get my website going. I wanted some splash to my site and requested pricing on different scenarios. When it took too much time to get back with an answer and I wasn’t given access to the web designer who I was told by Customer Service that worked from home and wasn’t on site, I told them we can quit with the stationary package and I would like the balance refunded to me…which would be $575.

    Well, I then started getting emails from other Customer Service reps saying that they would start my revisions right away. But there were no revisions there were unanswered questions. Well after a while I just went with another company…who by the way are in the process of designing me a website that is better than I could imagine ( And they did it on the first try!

    The Logo Works VP Lucy Carr didn’t call, didn’t email nothing after calling every other day for two weeks. Well it made me think…they request that you don’t search them that you go directly to their site. Well now I know why. When you search them you find Now I realized I’ve been dupped. Fortunately I found the Carrs home information on the site and long and behold the number worked. Lucy picked up the phone and I told her how unsatisfied I was and that I wanted her to process a refund on Monday. She took my information and promised to get back to me. All I can say is we have to wait and see.

    In the meantime however, a complaint has been filed with my Credit Card Company, the BBB and I plan to file a complaint with my Attorney General if the matter is not handled by the end of next week.

    Whoever created this site, thank you. I hope more people are saved from the hassel that so many of us had to endure.

  • Denise

    The Logo Loft charged me for services on 1/4/08 that they had no intention of delivering. I had to call them, e-mail the VP, and threaten to report them to the BBB of Alabama before I got my business cards. By the way, they already have over 125+ complaints filed against them. I have no idea how they stay in business. I was happy with my logo, but the customer service is disgusting. They could not care less about customer satisfaction.

  • Jane Doe

    Andrea, Logo Works (Utah) is a completely different company than The Logo Loft (Alabama) … there is no website… Lucy Carr is the VP of The Logo Loft, not Logo Works. There is

  • http://thelogoloft Ralph

    I paid the logo loft to do my logo, stationary and website, it took them 2 weeks to make a generic logo when they said it would take 3 days and they never did my website though they charged me for everything in a package and now they wont issue a refund so i am out a 1000 dollars, have no logo, no website and no stationary. I have tried speaking with them several times as i am getting the run around and no one wants to help me from their company. I have always spoken with them nicely and never over stepped any boundries which is also why i am not sure why they just wont issue me the refund i am due. I have since disputed with my credit card and am still waiting for weeks now to hear from the “supervisor” who is never around to accept my phone calls.

  • Nigarachi

    All i have to say is damn! i was just going to use them to redevelop our logo, even though we have designers, i wanted something fresh from outside talent. i’m glad i didn’t! Well if it helps any visit my site or contact my design office 302.351.5196 and we can see if we can help some of you guys. This seems serious. I hope something is done. Good Luck, i glad i stumbled onto this site.

  • http://TheLogoLoft Shelly

    Unfortunately, we didn’t read these reviews first. The Logo Loft still has appalling customer service. We have yet to get our second round of revisions back after we complained about the first round. We have been dealing with them for over a month now and anytime we call them we just get the run around. If you are considering using this company please do not waste your time.
    The LogoLoft has been revoked by the Better Business Bureau:

  • Chris Ra

    Just in case your wondering they are still in business as of January 2009 and still SUCK. I have experienced everything listed above from poor customer service, to the elusive VP of customer service, Lucy, to being completely ignored….
    The only difference is it seems they somehow got ownership of and it now points to their site – hilarious move actually.

    Hopefully they will be shut down soon. Stay away!!

  • Logo Reviews

    Thanks for the warning!

    I haven’t had experience with them myself but they do seem tricky on their website. I thought that they do a money back guarantee but in the small print it states that this doesn’t include their starter package.

  • Bible Explorations, Inc.

    Well, now I know why it has been about five weeks since I commissioned The Logo Loft for a custom logo, was told my request was actually for a custom illustration (which jacked the price up by 300%), received a cartoon instead of a professional illustration, replied back giving explicit instructions regarding the revision, and multiple emails later I’ve received nothing to date.

    Time to talk to me credit card company. Thanks.

  • Bible Explorations, Inc.

    Oh, and, by the way… The and the websites have both gone belly-up today. I wonder if that means I won’t get my money back? ;-(

  • Jason

    I noticed that LL’s site went down too…in addition to that, any email sent to a logoloft email address is instantly kicked back. I did find that they have a mirror site on which is still functional. It also appears that those email addresses work.

    This is horrible though…I purchased a custom logo back in March and actually got decent artwork…only took 2 revisions to complete. But when I went back for a website, it all went downhill from there. It’s been one month since my card was charge ~$1300 and I’ve only received two crappy pieces. I’m working on getting a refund as well using a dispute through my bank…hopefully that works.

  • kim

    Oh wish I had seen this before those theives took my money!!! bits and pieces of all above is what happened to me, tried the charge back , they sent all this crap about 30 days blah blah and got there money back from my bank! They are terrible and do not guarentee their work like it says on the site, first two logos could have been done by a 5 yr old. stay AWAY FROM THE LOGO LOFT!~ bEWARE!!!

  • Ken

    My experience with the logo loft has been excellent. I guess I am lucky but each time now 4 they have provided and excellent service and we have been very happy with the end results. I am very picky about my experiences when doing business with companies and I have not seen anything that shows incompetence on their part.

  • MIke

    Wow, thank you all for your comments. I was just about to use them for a start up company as well as products but based on the complaints, I will go elsewhere…

  • Chris

    My experience has been terrible. I took 5 phone calls to figure out who my point of contact was for the company. I was very specific that I did not want my logo to be symmetrical. Out of the 4 concepts 3 where symmetrical. I told them I liked one concept and was told I would receive three more to make up for the misscommunication. LOL They sent me four new designs that looked like they came from a free version of clip art. I then requested to revise one of the initial 4 concepts and they said they couldn’t do that. It was in their terms of use. I read the terms of use. NOWHERE does it say you can not go back to an initial design concept. This company should be shut down. Anyone wants to throw in on a press release I am in.

  • Jessica

    I am so disappointed that I didn’t see all of this research before I hired Logo Loft to do my ecommerce site. I hired them in May of 2009 and it is OCTOBER of 2009 and I still don’ have anything but delay and excuses. I’ve spent countless hours on email and phone calls to Logo Loft to get someone to motivate to get my site done, and my calls and emails are routinely ignored or I get put off. Week after week I wait for something. I’ve now asked for a refund and my files so that I can hire another web designer to finish my site, and still nothing. I am really surprised that the AG hasn’t shut them down yet. They are absolutely the worst company I have every dealt with, both in poor customer service, poor communication and zero follow through. Unbelievable. I guess I will work on getting a chargeback.

  • Patrick Erdner

    The logo loft is absolutely horrible to deal with. I represent a non profit company and this place stuck it to me with false promises and failure to issue a refund for work not performed. I filed a complaint with my credit card and got a refund and took it one step further and file a complaint with the BBB thinking that would help. It took them 12 months to respond and now they are responding only because they hired a firm to help clear up their “F” rating with them. The BBB will close the complaints if the company appears to try to resolve the issue. I was not satisfied with the companies response because it was still one lie after another.

  • Bruce

    I have had a horrible experience also.
    Logoloft has no regard for communication and prompt service. They just leave you hanging without a single email or phone call.
    I waited a month for the first draft of the static layout of our website main page. I could not believe it. It was the worst amateurish piece of junk. Any stock template from Front page ’98 is better. They clearly spent 5 minutes and slapped it together. The only reason they did this is I resorted to repeatedly calling and pressing them on it.
    Run, don’t walk, away from LogoLoft

  • David

    Chalk me up as yet another person displeased with the LogoLoft. I can’t believe this company can rip so many people off and stay in business. It’s challenged everything I thought I knew about running a successful business by proving great customer service. My gripe with them is no different from any of the others listed here: Payed them to design a website for me. They gave me what looked like a template design that my grandmother could have made. I only “okayed” it because I couldn’t afford to have my website down any longer. And the idiots never loaded it to my server! It’s been three months now. A month ago they told me it’d be all done in 5 days. Still waiting. Actually, I’m not really waiting. I initiated my first chargeback through visa. Praying that it goes through. Run as fast as you can from this company!

  • wendy

    Logoloft is out of business. Phones are disconnected. All emails come back undeliverable.

    I must have gotten lucky. I got two very beautiful logos out of these guys with relatively little pain, and in a fairly short amount of time.

    I didn’t get all of the files I needed on one however (an ai version). I went back there yesterday to try to get it from my account manager, only to find out they seem to have shut their doors. And this led me to read about all of the horrible experiences people have had with them. This is heartbreaking.

    I CAN recommend a great website place where all of you can build your own website with super easy tools. I have built three of my own websites and I am not technical at all (and I get compliments all the time on my sites). Go to

    I love this company. I am not longer beholden to a crazy website development company. I have all of the control. I can change anything I want. And I build each of my sites in under a day. Mostly you just take one of their pre-existing templates, and add images and personalize it. It’s the easiest thing in the world. I read about them in Entrepreneur magazine. They have good tech support that is 24/7. It’s outsourced to India which is a bit frustrating. Ask for a male tech support rep…they have very good English skills. The women, not so much. I’ve had some frustration there….

    Good luck to everyone….so sorry for your heartache.