The Giveaway to End All Giveaways

Santa Chris is comin’ to town again, but this time he’s aimin’ on stayin’ longer than your average Christmas tree. We launched The Chris Pirillo Show almost a year ago and have been broadcasting live on the Internet almost every Thursday night. We’ve certainly uploaded far more than a year’s worth of fantastic MP3s since the beginning (if you haven’t been keeping track). That said, we’re going to roll into 2006 with style – and with gifts, EVERY WEEK! We have a dedicated core of listeners – but we thought we’d add a little more incentive for everybody to tune in and participate. Starting with this week’s live broadcast, we’re going to be giving away one substantial gift every single week that we go live. Yes, even beyond Christmas – so it’s like Christmas year-round for active audience members. And when I say “substantial,” I’m speaking at the level of a PSP or Xbox 360 for some weeks – and we hope to give away a full-on computer system at some point, too! We’ll likely rotate the “big gift” with a different one every month, but it’ll always be worth a few hundred dollars. Wow? Bold.

You have a choice: spend your Thursday nights listening and participating and possibly walking away with that great big gift, or doing something else. Your first chance will come in less than 24 hours. This week, we’re going live again with Major Nelson from the Xbox team. What’ll the big gift be this time around? No sense in telling you now – I don’t wanna ruin the suprise. All you need to do is tune in, call in, and listen. How difficult is that? No joke! For emphasis, I’m going to repeat our “Christmas 365″ proposition: During every live weekly broadcast, from now until the hereafter, we’ll be giving away something substantial to a single participant (every week). You’ll have to tune in, call in, and listen – and subscribe, of course. Yes, we’re insane. If you have any questions, or any suggestions as to what we should give away (within reason), you know how to get ahold of me.


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  • william bailey

    please i work hard but i love yalls playstaion3 or the xbox360 nice i wont be the wrong person here to pick