Create A Shortcut To Open The Calculator (XP)

There are a few different ways that you can open the Windows XP Calculator. You can access it from the Accessories menu off the Start Menu. Alternatively, you can open the Run command and type ‘calc’. If you frequently use the Calculator, you can also create a keyboard shortcut to open the program using the steps described below:

  1. Right click a blank space on the desktop, point to New, and click Shortcut.

  2. Type in calc and click Next.
  3. Click Finish. The shortcut will now appear on the desktop.

Note: At this point you can stop and simply double click the desktop shortcut to launch the Calculator program. You can also complete the remaining steps below to assign a keyboard shortcut to the program.

  1. Right click the shortcut you just created and click Properties.

  2. Click inside the field next to ‘Shortcut Key.’
  3. Type in the keystroke you want to assign to the shortcut
  4. Click OK.
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  • Eddy Ho

    How/What to “RUN” for Alt F10; cannot to work my “new” computer???

  • Psychic

    Simple way:

    Step 1: Press Windows button + R
    Step 2: Type “calc” and press enter

  • pravin surve


    there more simple way for creating short key for calculator in xp

    just go to ‘start’ menu and right click on ‘calculator’ icon. click

    on ‘properties’

    option inside the field next to ‘shortcut key’ press your shortcut key and

    click on ‘apply’. so there is no need of any shortcut on