If you’ve just started blogging and aren’t anywhere near the A-List level, then attracting a reasonable amount of visitors to your site may be tricky. Of course, you shouldn’t worry about getting on the A-List. Blogging is about Joe Everybody, and shouldn’t be filled with egomaniacs who relentlessly pontificate about the most inane and over explained topics without actually furthering the discussion. You people know who you are, so sit down, shut up, and let the actual public tell you how it really is. This message was brought to you by Brandon Watts, member of the Z-List. Getting back to the point, several services exist to keep track of your content and reveal it to the world, but letting the sites know that you exist can be difficult unless you use something like Pingoat.

This site allows you to ping a bunch of general, special, and Non-English services. When you’ve updated your blog, type in your title and URL, and let Pingoat do the rest. Once the sites know that you’ve released some fresh content, the time in which it is indexed will be much quicker.

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