Prevent Internet Explorer From Opening In A Small Window

A problem that many users encounter is that Internet Explorer continuously opens in a small window, one that looks as though it has been resized. This is due to the fact that Internet Explorer will remember the last window size when it is closed. You can easily return to a full screen again using the steps outlined below:

  1. Close all instances of Internet Explorer that are currently open, except for one.

  2. Right click a link on the web page and select Open in new window.
  3. Close the first instance of the browser that was originally open using the “X” in the top corner.
  4. Resize the existing window by dragging the top and sides until it is full screen again.
  5. Click the “X” in the top corner while holding down the Ctrl key.

The next time you open your browser, the window will once again appear full screen.

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  • larry

    My IE7 opens to full screen but when I click a link in my Juno inbox IE7 opens a small screen. I don’t see anywhere to select open to do your resizing procedure

  • Dan Fulbright

    My thanks to Diana Huggins for her tip on Preventing Internet Explorer from opening in a small window. All my desktop shortcuts were opening in small size no matter what I did. I used her tip and everything is back to normal. Thanks again.

  • John O

    Thanks Diana, this helped me figure out what was going on. However, one correction is that (at least under XP SP2) all you have to do is open the window and use the corners to pull and expand the window to full screen and then you can close the browser without using the control key, or without having to open an new window. Just open IE, pull the corners to expand the window to full size then close by clicking the X in the upper right corner.

  • Olive

    Thanks, Diana, and thanks John O, both your indications work (I also have XP SP2)

  • JustAGuy

    The solution of stretching the window and then closing it is not a solution at all. The window is still opening “small”, you have simply redefined small to be the size of your screen. The next time you or an application opens a small window with different dimensions, you will see the problem has not been fixed. Like so many, I would enjoy a more permanent solution, and one that does not force me to close every window I have open (they are open for a reason). Thanks!

  • Owd Ron

    Thanks, works a treat

    2.Right click a link on the web page and select Open in new window.

    Would Right Click on another link in this Web Page (normally Blue) be better.?

    Please don’t shout at me

  • Graham

    Wooh! Seems to work. The old “stretch and then close all the other windows” method wasn’t working any more. Was very annoying to have to keep expanding a half-sized window that suddenly started appearing for no apparent reason.

    Pressing “Ctrl” seems to be the key element.

    Thank you very much.

  • Samuel

    Great work

    Thanks Samuel

  • Lou

    Thanks …a sweet and simple fix!

  • dantejazz

    Thank you very, very much! I was getting frustrated beyond belief. I knew that it was something that I had done to cause this.

  • Dave L

    I had the ‘small window’ problem with IE8 when I switched to Win 7. I tried a registry patch which I found on another website and it did fix the problem when I launched IE from the taskbar icon. When I opened other desktop shortcuts that opened in the browser they opened small still. When web links on a page opened a new window they also opened small. There was some information that I found elsewhere about how Win 7 displays multiple windows, whick like in previous Windows versions, can be selected by right clicking on the taskbar. The information was fo XP I think as the selections are different in Win 7. In any case by selecting ‘Show Windows Stacked’ I fixed the proble. Now all my browser windows open full size.

  • graham p

    fantastic it works a treat.
    thank you for your great tip.
    no more headaches now.