Add a Line Break to Your Cell (Excel 2002/2003)

In most word applications, pressing Enter moves the cursor to the next line. This is not the case in the spreadsheet application Excel, which at times seems to have a mind of its own. When you press Enter in Microsoft Excel, it does not add a line break within a cell. Instead, it places the cursor in the cell below.

If you’re rather new to Excel, this can become a bit of an annoyance as you try to enter in data in your spreadsheet. The trick to this is that if you want to add a line break within a cell, press Alt + Enter instead of just Enter.

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    Yes, thanks so much for this tip! It’s been a while since I’ve used Excel, so when I tried to do this recently, I couldn’t for the life of me remember how. You’re a lifesaver. :)

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  • Macman

    Line break in Excel using a Mac is Ctrl+Command(Apple key)+Enter

  • AO

    So, I know this is a “Window’s Fanatics” site, but to do this on a Mac, you have to use 3 buttons: “command+alt+return”

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    Thanks for that tip…I’d tried shift+enter and CRTL+Enter and then went hunting around for the answer….now back to work!

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    Ok that was fantastic

    Now can you answer this
    I have googled and can’t find it
    I wish to create a line break in a cell
    The cell content comes from a formula -not just text I typed in
    the vb code ie &chr(13)& doesn’t work

    Any ideas anyone?


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    thank you, I just try with ctrl+enter and shift+enter. And i found your web, just alt+enter ­čśÇ

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  • Thom Woodard

    How do you create a line break when you have a formula in the cell?

    Example: =”TOUGH”&”LUCK” = TOUGHLUCK

    but I want it read:
    in the cell. Alt+Enter doesn’t work neither does using Char(10) for a carriage return.
    If I put =”TOUGH”&Char(10)&”LUCK” then I get:
    In other words I get a little box instead of a carriage return. Please help!

  • Christy


    I just had to look up the char(10) thing. If you format the cells that you have this in to “wrap text” it will put the info on seperate lines and not use the [] thing!

    Hope this helps!

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  • chaitra

    For Vista, Google docs and use Ctrl + enter for a line break.


  • Valter Carvalho

    It really helped me. Thank you, Diana!

  • Bill

    Aha! Thanks, Christy. I was looking for the same answer as Thom. Alt-Enter does TWO things… it inserts a CHAR(10) and it also sets the cell format to “wrap text”. I missed the second part, but it makes sense when it’s pointed out.

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    Thank you. For those of you who can’t get it to work, try the other alt. Somehow it didn’t work for me with the Right alt, only with the Left.

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  • John


    Thanks, very useful dude -works perfectly on my Windows PC.

    If you happen to be using a Mac you probably need to hold down Apple command, Left Alt, Right Alt, Escape, Tab and then press F15. I may have missed a key off there actually…

  • betty

    New to excell and spending hours trying to do a stupid chart.
    When I get to the second column and want to input a number when i click to go to the next cell it changes my number to a date. When I go to fx and say try something like ‘count’ it wants a formula. I am at two hours and no closer to an answer even going to excells tutor pages.

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    Hi, i had the same problem that if i enter a formula, i could not have a brake line. but found a simpler way (worked on my excel 2007) than using “char(10)”;


    =”first line [press alt + enter]
    ” & “second line”

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    I am trying to replace a sequence of characters in a cell with a soft line feed (bad export from ‘DOORS’) using ctrl ‘H’ and not having any luck. :>(

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    how do you make a line break in word be shown in Excel (after a copy-paste). A sign with an arrow in shown, but not a line break in Excel !

  • Cjensen

    This works well EXCEPT:
    After you have saved the spread sheet – say as “MASTER”.
    And you do a “save as”┬ásay as “MASTER SORTED”┬áso that you can play with the spread sheet to sort items or to change the layouts, but still retaining the master spread sheet elsewhere.
    When you open “MASTER SORTED”┬áthe fields that you had done Alt+Enter in appear only as one line and you have to go into each of the fields to open them.┬á
    How do you keep these fields intact when you do a Save As?????????????????
    Signed: Getting a Migraine

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