Which Files Are Safe To Delete? (XP)

If you are running low on disk space, you may be forced to delete some files. However, which files are safe to delete? Well here is a list of files that you can safely remove from your computer to free up some disk space.

  • The contents of the Temp folder (Windows\Temp) can be deleted. This is the folder where Windows and applications store temporary files and folders.

  • Files with specific extensions such as .bmp (bitmaps), .avi (video), and .wav (sound), can be safely deleted. These files also tend to be large so they can free up quite a bit of hard drive space.
  • Most readme files can be deleted. If you are unsure, you can open the text file and check the contents to see if it is something you want to keep.
  • The contents of the Temporary Internet Files folder can be deleted. You can do this using the General tab from the Internet Options dialog box.
  • Files with extensions such as .001, .002, .log., .old, etc. can be deleted.

If you come across a file that you are unsure about, try opening it to see the contents. Or, open the Properties dialog box and you may be able to get some indication as to what the file is used for.

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