As Internet communication increases, it seems like we all demand more server space for our e-mail. The classic 5MB that was offered with many of the free services back in the day just doesn’t cut it anymore. Services like Gmail have spoiled the masses by encouraging us to think in terms of gigabytes instead of megabytes. With that much space, you won’t have to worry about emptying your archives in order to make room for new mail. It should be known that Gmail isn’t the only free and generous e-mail provider on the Internet. For example, will give you 2GB of free storage for all of your messages.

I really like the way this service functions. First of all, the amount of space is most likely more than you’ll need, and on top of that, all of this comes to you without any advertisements. The service contains many of the features that you’ve come to expect from an e-mail provider on the Web, and even more are on the way. With all of these great e-mail alternatives in existence today, there’s virtually no reason for you to complain about inadequate storage space anymore.

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  • unni

    hi.. It was nice seeing someone who can gimme a solution.

    I am using for my mailing purpose as all other emails are blocked in my company. I have incorporated my gmail account in the external pop section of

    have given the account name.
    user name and then password.

    But i am getting an error when i am trying to connect. Simply pseaking i am not able to access my gmail in

    I just wanted to clear up, whether i can use gmail on, if so why am i not able to connect?

    Can i access my hotmail also in

    Please do help me out. You can leave a comment here or mail me at [email protected]

  • Razor

    Ok, I’m using since January 2006. It’s just keeps getting better and better. They have plenty of free software to use with email, protect computer…check products at I give them 5/5.

  • Enid Coleslaw

    I’ve got the same problem with accessing Gmail through I’m in the midst of switching over from Gmail to, as the conversation feature was getting to me. I have no problems accessing another POP3-only account I have. I suspect the issue might be with Gmail. seems pretty great so far, except that they need to add in a couple of what I feel are quite basic features, mainly allowing you to create contact groups and an option to exclude yourself from reply all messages. Other than that all else seems fine. The split-view option is also excellent for reading messages without changing the content of the whole window.

  • Shion Abdillah

    I discovered a few weeks ago and I think it is great. The overall package available is a lot better than most and although the new yahoo ajax interface is better than the basic interface the flexibility of inbox both as a web mail and a pop3 provider outweighs the rest. They also provide some quite clever storage functionality. If you install the inbox toolbar you get all manor of clever synching tools for notes and files (although no calender and tasks which would have been nice). You can use your 5GB of storage as a personal web storage space and it integrates into your OS so appears in your my computer and in your mydocuments folder and you can just drag and drop your files at will controlling your storage area remotely. I guess this is using webdav. Either way it is clever stuff.

    It is a brilliant find, just hope they can keep the monsters (gmail, yahoo) off their back as these guys will get big.


  • Luqman is no doubt a great web-based email. I regret they are not offering Asians/Pakistani people to make the account on that, But I have made an account using the other illegal way, while using VPN :) and is no doubt a great service provider.

    Less spam, good features, and more important, good enough space for both non-professional and professional ones.


    Luqman Pakistan
    [email protected]

  • Luqman

    Good morning,

    Its really great experience using, However I am using since 2004, but each day, I am impressed, by the new services launched by the, Inbox is simply great web-based email both for professionals and for the non-professionals as well.

    Try login to for the great experience of using web-based-email. You will never know until you sign in!


    Email: [email protected]
    Voice: +98 – 935 – 83 25 740
    +92 – 300 – 43 29 860

  • Shion Abdillah

    Hmmmmmm Luqman are you sure you don’t work for these guys.

    Either way is fantastic but lets all refrain from sounding like a cheesy American advertisement. there are other ways to get them to upgrade you for free dude! :)


    Dear All,

    I am somebody who had started using since the services were launched by the company. I remember when I sent the first email in 2004 and was quite happy a lot with the services, always appreciated them, helped them to get more customers, individuals using their services. No doubt! I spreaded the message that INBOX.COM was a helpful web-based email. But I was wrong!

    Since I am a skilled individual working for Textile as Manager International Marketing I am working and residing in different other countries other than Pakistan. I remember since I have been in Iran, I have been detained by the Iranian Inteligence as they thought a thought that I was there to Help Americans or UN in order to know about the official and secret programms. I have been put in the jail for many days, I have spent days and nights there in the jail and had used to send emails to different HUMAN RIGHT ORG’s. As stated above, I am a user daily sending and recieving 100’s of emails, I have seen my account blocked.!!!! It was more than shocked for me, since I was so needy there, suffering a lot, going through a high pain…. I sent all the emails to HUMAN RIGHTS DEPARTMENTS in order to SAVE my life, But I could not access my account afterwards. I was saved since I have been there only doing my job and not for the such job they thought a thought.

    I sent many emails to the INBOX.COM company, requested them a lot to unblock my email account, As the answers of the UN offices, Human Rights Offices could save my life……..but It was never the case until now. I have lots of important documents in my emails, 1000’s of important clients, But I either have not been answered. The reason they given me was that I have been violating with their rules and regulations, It is not right.

    I will advice all you guys using INBOX.COM or would use in the nearest future, that PLEASE BE CAREFUL as They will block your account when they have lots of contact details in your account. That is what they do…..!!!

    INBOX.COM is a curious company only helps you to send and recieve the emails and then blocks your accounts, when they having many email addresses so they may sell the emails and earn money from different orgnainzations.



    You may instead login to as they are offering far better services with no spam, no fraud nigerian emails, the same 5GB space INBOX.COM is offering!!!

    Thanking you and I hope this helps.


    [email protected]

  • Samson


    2 days ago i opened my account just to see that everything (and i mean EVERYTHING) was deleted. All my contacts, important emails and notes are gone. i’ve contacted them and just got a standard answer like i already found on the web from another user


    1/15/2008 7:41:39 PM
    Answer: We are really sorry but unfortunately, one of server crashed (unfortunately, the server on which your Mailbox resides) due to a hardware failure and we were unable to recover your old data.

    We are sorry for the loss but we are unable to assist in this regard. However our engineers have re – created new accounts for you.

    This is written in our Term of use. services are provided on an AS IS and AS AVAILABLE basis. disclaims any and all responsibility and liability for the availability, timeliness, security or reliability of the Services.

    Please note that, unless you sign up for Upgraded Services, (a) your email and data storage will not be backed up by
    You can read our Terms of use by going to following link

    it seems they try to force their clients to uprgrade with dirty tricks. but their just harming themselves.

    So rethink before you open an account there.

    there are plenty of other free email services that won’t let you down.

  • Philip

    Hi Samson,
    Same tragedy occurred to me a few days ago. And you know what, I just got the exactly same “sorry, dude, we can’t do nothing” message!

    Oh man, this company is going down hill so quickly!

  • Raine

    i had the same problem. all my email messages, important notes, files saved in the storage, photos, contacts in the address book are all GONE.

    i contacted them and asked if there is a way to recover everything and they just said sorry for the loss but they could not help me with that. and boy that really SUCKS. is really a BIG DISSAPOINTMENT!

  • Gaurav

    Yeah…the same story with me… It has happened 2-3 times earlier that I was not able to log in to my account. But after couple of days, the server was up and running. But this time when it happened, I was aghast to see that ALL my mails, documents, pictures, music files, contacts, notes …i mean EVERYTHING was deleted!! And a fresh welcome message was there in the inbox!! Everything was simply vanishesd. I tried writing to them, but I haven;t recieved any reply. I lost around 600 MB of data….And they don;t even have the courtesy to even send a reply. I have since then moved on to Yahoo. Atleast it doesen;t crashes like these people do…

  • VanguardLH

    Be warned that this service is slow to send outbound e-mails. Testing shows typical delays of 10 to 15 minutes, or longer. E-mail is not an immediate communications venue, like a chat room, but that is too long a delay. The delay can be seen by reviewing the Received headers to see when you submitted the e-mail (also check your own e-mail client just in case what they list is different) to when it finally submits it to the target (recipient’s) mail host.

    Also, every outbound e-mail that you send through their “free” service will get spamified. That is, they will append spam onto your outbound e-mails sent through their service. There was no spam signature when using their webmail interface, only when using their POP3 access (which is the only means that I intend to use to provide for local management of my e-mails). So be aware that your outbound e-mails sent through their POP3 server will probably be seen as spam. Lots of other “free” e-mail services do this, too, so it is something to watch for. Personally I never use any “free” service that generates spam “on my behalf”. Free should not equate to spam.

    Be aware that their description of their POP3 access is that it is currently in beta testing during which that service will remain free. Once it is out of beta, they reserve the right to change the conditions of its use. Well, duh, guess what that means? When it is no longer beta, they are going to charge for it.

  • P Anderson

    To my horror when I attempted to log in to today my account had been closed down. I had to re-register and managed to obtain the same user name but everything I had previously (documents, photos, emails, contacts and notes) had gone. I had not logged in to my account for approx a month but surely they could have given a bit of warning. I am very disappointed to lose my data. :(

  • JB

    I’ve used for two years and am so happy with it that I paid for $10/year. It is the only free email account that screens spam based on

    a) “Exclusive” (only contacts get in the inbox)
    b) and spam filters for EXTERNAL mail accounts that you add.

    I tried doing that with Gmail, etc. but since it recognized my external accounts as forwarding mail, it assumed EVERYTHING was kosher.

    I don’t know why other email accounts don’t screen spam for the external accounts. That alone makes worth it.



  • Bill

    I have a premium 30BG account and couldn’t be happier. Reliable, data always backed up and excellent service. I don’t live in a third world country and thus have not had any negative experiences with them.

  • Salvatore

    I’ve been using for all my e-mail for two years now and have had nothing but great service. It’s (almost) always up; more importantly, the one time in two years that it was down for a few hours it saved all my incoming mail and delivered it, rather than bouncing it. The interface is simple and intuitive. I like it. I tried Yahoo, Gmail, and Lycos before settling on Inbox. I really do think it’s the best.

    I’ve never lost any data, and my e-mails seem to be delivered instantly (I’ve had many back-and-forth e-mail conversations with friends).