Copy Headers And Footers Between Documents

If you have an existing document with headers and you want to use the same headers in another document, you can recreate them or copy them. Copying the headers between the two documents would be easier and quicker.

Within the document that already contains the header you want to use, click Header and Footer from the View menu. The Header and Footer dialog box will appear. Locate the header you want to copy to the other document. Select the information in the header and press CTRL + C. This will copy the data.

Now you can switch back to the other document. From the View menu, select the Header and Footer option. Once again, the Header and Footer dialog box appears. Navigate to the correct header location. Place the insertion point in the header. Press the CTRL + V keys strokes. This will paste the data from the other document. Close the Header and Footer dialog box.

You can use the same procedure to copy footers between different documents.

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  • Mohd Pachachi

    Dear Sir,

    I am using outlook 2003, created a view “test1” from my contacts, when I preview it at the page setup, in the Header I wrote a text “Test1”, then when you preview it shows text1, it is fine.

    Now when I create ANOTHER view “test2”, I wrote in the header “text2” then when preview it shows text2 in the header , it is also fine

    The Question is, when I go back and preview the test1 view I see text2 in the header, WHY?. Is this a bug or what.