T-Mobile Makes Sidekick Service Credit Official

When I wrote about the T-Mobile Sidekick service outage earlier this week, I was just a bit miffed. (But not nearly as miffed as some of my fellow T-Mobile Sidekick users.) I mentioned that T-Mobile was handing out rebates in the form of service credits. Today, the T-Mobile made the Sidekick rebate official, in the form of a $20 credit. And they hinted at free ringtones…

Being without e-mail and the Web was pretty tough to take. I was thankful that I wasn’t on the road at the time… because when I’m on the road, I rely pretty heavily on my Sidekick, and rebate or not, I’d be quite irate. I was planning to call T-Mobile to ask for a rebate just as the e-mail arrived.

Onto the ringtones…

The Sidekick is a polyphonic device, capable of playing excellent ringtones. But there’s been a dearth of decent free ringtones for the Sidekick. Well, at least free ringtones that I’d load on my Sidekick.

Today’s note gave me hope that, not only would I get a rebate from T-Mobile, but that I’d be able to download some new free ringtones for the Sidekick.

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