E-Mail Virus Scanning

Q: I’m currently using the free edition of AVG Anti-Virus, and I’ve made the switch from Outlook to Thunderbird. I know AVG was scanning my e-mail messages in Outlook, but it doesn’t appear like that functionality is working in Thunderbird. What’s the deal?

A: The free edition of AVG Anti-Virus is a very popular tool. Anyone who needs virus protection for the ridiculously low price of nothing can download the software and get some protection immediately. You’ve made a great decision in moving to Thunderbird from Outlook, but unfortunately, AVG Free Edition doesn’t support any client besides Outlook. Fear not – there is an alternative.

When mentioning free virus protection, you can’t help but mention avast! 4 Home Edition alongside AVG. This software provides the same great protection, but the real benefit for you is that it contains two e-mail protection modules. The first is designed exclusively for Outlook, and the second will give any client that uses the standard SMTP/POP3/IMAP protocols a dose of protection. That means that Thunderbird should work in conjunction with avast! just fine.

Protection doesn’t always have to come at a price.

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