Delete Passwords Remembered By Internet Explorer

One of the features of Internet Explorer is the AutoComplete. Some people find it handy for Internet Explorer to remember their private information, such as user names and passwords, so they don’t have to enter it in each time they access a Web site. However, this may make others who are more concerned about security uneasy. If this is the care, you can easily delete the passwords remembered by Internet Explorer. This ensures no one else can use your private information that you have previously entered.

  1. Within Internet Explorer, click Tools, and select Internet Options.

  2. From the Internet Options dialog box, select the Content tab.
  3. Click the AutoComplete button.
  4. Click the Clear Passwords button.
  5. Click OK to confirm your actions.
  6. Click OK to close the Internet Options dialog box.
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    I accidentally checked the ‘remember me’ box on the login screen on internet explorer and now my computer has my username and password stored everytime I go to the page. I tried out everything by deleting cookies and by unchecking logon screen. But nogo.

    Then i searched through internet and found information regarding this. I tried in your method and found its working in my way, remembered passwords found removed. Thanks a lot.

  • Wan

    A more selective way to do it (say to keep your password for e-mail but delete your bank account passwords) is to press ctrl-delete when your user name/password is automatically entered.

  • Mr. Hope

    Please i would like you to help me with how i can be abel to remove a password that have been put on my windows

  • rajkumar

    i am succus with u r solution thank a lot

  • jonathan moore

    I use a commercial product called: SecuredPrivacy.

    It cleans my history in explorer,windows and many other apps.

  • Harmandeep singh

    thanks allot , that was my big problem so u solve it…thaxx allot

  • milan

    thanx a lot…i somehow clicked the remember password button and was thinking how to remove it as it is my office system..thanks again

  • Slipperjoe

    Adapt, thats the word! Agreed…

    • Chris Pirillo

      Well, that’s what *I* thought.

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