The Internet Movie Database

The movie buff is a species that is frequently found in dark quarters with a bucket of some sort of popped corn covered with artificial butter. They seek out the sticky floors of these habitats on a weekly basis, often staying in the area until their job is complete. Approaching them outright is not a good idea, but if you cry like a baby, or insist on talking through the entire film, they’ll feel right at home. If your cell phone rings, be prepared for an all-out assault. Yes, you may even be a member of this growing species. When you want the complete information about your prey, you’ll likely enjoy visiting The Internet Movie Database.

The site offers detailed notes about the movies you love to watch. Once you find what you’re looking for, you’ll not only be presented with user reviews, but you’ll also get production information. You can click on each actor’s name to get more of a background on his or her previous work. This is just the kind of stuff that real movie lovers seek out. Come here to find photographs, and audio/video clips. There’s even information on plot elements and memorable quotes. Seeing as there is a large number of individual viewpoints on a movie, feel free to throw your thoughts into the ring with all of the other cinematic junkies. The Internet Movie Database is a place where you can run wild with the rest of your species.

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