Lycos Offers Windows Screensaver Which Allows You to DDOS Spammers – Don't Do It!

Lycos Europe is offering a controversial new screen saver to Windows users (and Mac, as well).

Marketing it under the “Make Love, Not Spam” banner, the screensaver is designed to send requests to view a known spam source�s Web site.

The idea is that when a large number of users are all running the screensaver, that during those users’ downtime (i.e. when the screensaver is active), it will effectively clog the spam server�s resources.

In other words, it’s Seti meets DDOS.

And just because you are part of DDOSing spammers rather than legitimate companies doesn’t make it any less illegal.

As a reminder, in August several people were arrested and prosecuted for staging DDOS attacks on their competitors.

So, Aunty’s advice, and do remember that Aunty has as least a passing acquaintance with things legal, is, if you are located in the United States… [Continued]

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