The Seattle Chronicles

Since I’m in Seattle this week for Microsoft’s Featured Communities Summit, time is rather limited. Since we were given wireless access today, I was able to scribble down a few thoughts… not that they’re incredibly coherent, but it’s better than nothing. Almost.

5:00PM: I’m hoping to make it to the Seattle Weblogger Meetup Group tomorrow night. Not sure if that’s going to happen at this point, however; I’ve been invited to a semi-private dinner at a Korean restaurant. The good news is: I’ll be back to this city soon enough. Tonight, they’ve got us scheduled for an appointment with Gameworks. Not sure if I’ll be there for very long, though. It’s been a while since I’ve really tackled an arcade with reckless abandon. That Dance Dance Revolution thing looks to be a stroke waiting to happen. Just give me a joystick and a couple of buttons and I’ll be good to go. I remember when coin-ops required only a single quarter per play. Out Run, Off Road, Pole Position… all without a driver’s license.

12:12PM: Rob Bennett was just fiddling with the new beta of MSN Search. Get this: you can solve for X! I could’ve used that feature as a high school frosh. I still hate math.

11:11AM: There’s a new PlaysForKeeps sweepstakes – a chance for anybody to win a portable media device in conjunction with a music service. Dunno… I’m looking at the Samsung YH-820 and iRiver
right now, as they’re sitting three feet away from me, and I’m thinking: “I think Apple is in trouble.” All you iPod users are locked into a single brand, a single service, a single source… and that’s kinda bad. There’s better, much more affordable, much more feature-rich stuff out there.

10:21AM: Just got done touring the Microsoft Home of the Future Consumer Experience area. They’re not requiring everybody to have a portrait of Mr. Gates, so I suppose the company isn’t as evil as previously assumed. Finally saw a Tablet PC that was worth getting – glass screen, lightweight, under $2k, etc. It’s a Compaq / HP model, although its latest incarnation eludes me. Wireless is up, so I’m able to post something this morning. Nothing’s under NDA here – and there’s quite a few digital celebrities in the room (DCViews, Neowin, Activewin,, TweakXP, et al). Tom Koch and I finally met face-to-face last night! This is a very cool group of geeks, I must admit. Got to talk to the PM for Outlook Express last night at Claim Jumpers, too – I think they’re walking down the path of integrating syndication in the next major revision. Thanks, Thunderbird!

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