When asked what they want to be when they grow up, kids will supply many different answers, such as doctor, lawyer, veterinarian, and contestant on Survivor. However, one of the most common responses is that they’d like to be astronauts. Most of us have stared into the sky thinking about the possibility of jetting up into space. We imagine the views and the weightlessness, and think about what it would be like to use one of those fancy toilets on the spaceship. Your chances of getting into the space program may be slim, but you can still fantasize, thanks to NASA’s site.

You can use this site to track what’s going on with our efforts in space. Most people visit this site due to the amazing multimedia that can be found all over the place. Beautiful pictures can be viewed here, as well as fascinating video files. Be sure to also tune in to NASA TV for a look at live video feeds. The great unknown intrigues us, but it’s good to know that you can satisfy some of your curiosity at this site from NASA.

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