Minimize Outlook To Your System Tray

The first thing I do when I turn on my PC for the day is open Outlook; it remains open as long as my PC is on. The only thing I do not like is that the Outlook button remains on my taskbar all the time. When I have several different things open, I feel like it is taking up valuable space on my taskbar.

So here is a tip that can change that. Once you create the registry entry outlined below, Outlook will be minimized to the System Tray instead of the Taskbar. When you click the minimize button in Outlook, Outlook will disappear as a tiny icon in the System Tray. You can then maximize the program by double clicking the icon.

Here is what you have to do. Open your Windows registry (type regedit at the run command). Locate the following registry key:


Create a new DWORD value by clicking Edit, point to New, and click DWORD value. Type in MinToTray for the value name. Open the new DWORD value and change the value to ‘1’. Close your registry editor, open Outlook, and it should now minimize to the System Tray.

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  • Darwin

    Thankx a lot. This is really helpful :-)

  • Dave

    This is the greatest information of the Month. PERIOD

  • Peter

    Excellent tip, I tottaly forgotten how to minimize outlook to system tray at the moment and your guide did the jobb perfect….

    keep it up

  • Eric

    This works fine for version of Outlook after 2000. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for Outlook 2000 and previous versions.

  • Mike

    THANKS!!! Works perfectly, I hit a snag so advice to everyone: when naming the new DWORD make sure there are no spaces in MinToTray. Simple error but aggrivating. But thanks again, what a pain outlook was. You Rock

  • Richard

    My Outlook icon disappears when I minimize it. It does show up in the system tray, but I don’t want it to. How did it happen and how do I reverse this annoying “feature”?

  • awr001

    There is an easy option in office 2007 just right click the icon on the system tray and select hide when minimized.

  • Benjamin

    Maybe it’s an update on Office 2003 but I do the same thing that awr001 suggested. Right click the outlook icon on the system tray and select “hide when minimized”. It works for my version of 2003 and it sure beats editing the registry.

  • Chris Bester

    Thanks for this tip. I tried it and it works great.. I have another question though.. I am running a macro under Outlook to copy certain project related mails to a folder on my local system then deletes it. The only way I could figure out how to schedule it to run every hour is to write some code to wait and watch for a reminder with a specific ‘subject’ It all works well but I’m running a rolling presentation on the same machine and the reminder ‘pop-up’ interrupts the presentation. Any suggestions on how to prevent reminders to pop up on the screen. (It doesn’t work to tick ‘do not display reminders’ in Outlook Options, then the part that invoke my my macro also don’t run.. ) Any help will be greatly appreciated.. I’ll send my macro if you need to see what I’m doing exactly.. Thanks..

  • Irvin

    Chris Bester,
    Unless I am missing something, using a macro is the hard way to go about it. Why not use ‘Tools – Rules Wizrd’ to move those ‘project related emails to a folder on [your] local system’.

    I too am using Outlook 2000 and have had no luck in minimizing it to the system tray.

  • Cédric Boens

    Thanks a lot for this very helpful article.

    PS. I used this registry key (Outlook 2007)

  • Anurag Singhal

    Thank U Very Very Much For the tip.

  • R. Bemrose

    I don’t know about Outlook 2007, but Outlook 2003 always has its tray icon showing. On the tray’s left- or right-click menu is the option “Hide When Minimized”; no registry editing required.

  • vedha

    Thanks man…

  • Animated

    You could just right click the system tray icon and click ‘hide when minimised’ in outlook 2007 ;o)

  • Jason McGrath

    Awesome, simple and exactly what we all want. Thank you!