How to get paid $1500 to drive a 60 MPG Bluetooth-equipped car

Want to save gas? Buy a hybrid car! With gasoline prices jammed at the $2 per gallon mark, these ultra-geeky vehicles are riding a wild wave of popularity. It’s no wonder that hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight and Civic Hybrid have become the hot ticket. So how much gas (and money) can you save driving a hybrid car? I’ve taken the trouble to do a little math to figure it all out

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    In the UK, “gas” as you call it is about £4.50 per gallon, or $9 (assuing our gallons are similar in volume to US gallons…

    Hybrid cars are fine, but their batteries dia after approx 7 years. At £15,000 for one in the UK, after just a few years it will have dropped dramatically in value as the batteries cost almost as much to replace as a new car, and no-one would want to buy a car with a lifespan of just a few years, if you have already owned it and used up some of that 7 year juice…

    I appreciate the maths you did in your article, but I can’t relate (not your fault!) – our UK cars do an average of 12,000 miles per year at 25-30mpg, but at £4.50 a gallon! I don’t think we have government incentives other than cheaper road tax (maybe save £75 here or there :S ) and free congestion charge, so you can drive around London without paying £8 per day for the privilege.