Sending Web Pages By Outlook

In response to Diana Huggins’ article, Viewing Web Pages In Outlook 2002, Gnomie Jack Bremer writes:

As an extra-nifty feature, once you are on the page in Outlook, you can send that entire page as an e-mail!

  1. Browse to the page as detailed in the main tip.
  2. Click the Action menu
  3. Click “Send Web-page by E-mail”
  4. Et voila!

This works infinitely better than cutting and pasting a Web page, as the whole thing is included, background and all!

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  1. Edgardo says:

    I have posted web pages I’ve received in Yahoo Groups and the look very nice with all their attributes. But when I made my own web site an tried to post my web pages from the Internet to Yahoo Groups the don’t show the same way, it show with deformations in it.

    Please help me.