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DVDs are almost at the point where they can be considered to be as big as CDs. When you browse through the aisles of your favorite retailer looking for some good DVD entertainment, do you look at the movie or television show selection first? It used to be common for people to look for their favorite movies first, but with so many enjoyable television shows getting released, your primary browsing habits may involve a lot more television show gazing. The success of DVD collections such as Family Guy is the reason for this shifting trend. I enjoy looking for my favorite shows, and if you’re like me, you’ll love TVShowsOnDVD.

First off, browse through their list of shows released on DVD. See if you can find that special show that made you laugh, cry, or convulse. Details about the collections are available, and a good number of them contain reviews. If you can’t find your favorite show, the release schedule will notify you about what can be expected in the coming months. All hope is not lost if your show is still nowhere to be found. If you register with the site (it’s free), you can vote on what shows you would like to see released. The goal of this campaign is to get the studios to realize that there is a market for these shows. Even if the show has been cancelled for a long time, the fans are still out there, ready and willing to spend money to see their favorite show again. [Brandon Watts]

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