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This is a sponsored post written on behalf of All opinions expressed are 100% mine. Conventional and Innovative ORMWhen it comes to the Web, content may be king, but online reputation often acts as a type of court jester. Though the jesters would most often offer harmless entertainments, they sometimes interpreted His Majesty’s activities in mockingly precise performances. An effective enough critique of the court’s proceedings could make its way out of the court and proliferate throughout the kingdom, ultimately affecting the peasants’ opinions of their governor. In similar fashion, online reputation can quickly proliferate throughout the Internet which, unlike a kingdom, is not simply restricted to the boundaries of a particular physical realm. Online reputation surpasses simple search results and can easily damage a business’ brand if the business owner is unable to monitor and control her company’s reputation. is an online reputation management (ORM) service which assists business owners in clearing negative search results, controlling reputation, and monitoring and managing online reputation on hundreds of social media sites.

How a Simple Google Search Can Indicate a Business or Individual’s Online Reputation

When I come across a website I’ve never heard of before or receive an email from a business that sounds familiar but I’m not entirely certain about, I tend to check the site’s reputation using a variety of methods. The quickest and most simple check is through Google. By simply initiating a Google search by typing the business’ URL in the search engine, a list of search queries are suggested. For example, when you begin typing the term lockergnome into Google’s search field, suggestions including lockergnome deals, lockergnome app, lockergnome youtube, and simply lockergnome are listed.

When a search returns suggestions that include negative terms such as scam or ripoff or fake, I immediately know that the website or business that I’m researching has been receiving enough bad press or queries using these terms for Google to place these suggestions at the top of its search suggestions. In such cases, I might immediately decide not to proceed any further, rejecting the invitation to visit the website or consider the services being offered to me by whoever contacted me. If I strongly suspect that I’ve heard of the business before and that its website may currently be unfairly targeted by a few SEO-minded customers who are gaming the system in order to spoil the company’s reputation, I may investigate further before completely rejecting the business’ offering. Sweeps Away Negative or Misleading Search Suggestions

Most Web users, however, aren’t going to go much further in their investigations that a simple Google search. So first and foremost, if your business is being targeted by a small number of tech-savvy former customers who are dead set on destroying your online reputation, this can help you to clear the negative suggestions. This is also effective if your brand or name is commonly confused with a similar business or website. If your company, Make Money By Sleeping, is running a good business while a competitor, Make Money By Slipping, is running an unscrupulous one, then whenever somebody searches for your business, Google might be collecting complaints about your competitor and applying it to its list of negative suggestions for whenever anyone begins typing make money by sl into the search engine.

This service will help suppress the harmful blog posts, reviews, and other defamatory comments that may have been intentionally or unintentionally introduced into search results. This will improve potential customers’ first impressions of your name or business. The service will repair your reputation by creating truthful, positive and authoritative content that suppresses the negative results. As a result, negative and false information will drop further down Google’s research results, where they’re much less likely to be seen by potential customers and visitors to your website. This is crucial, as SEOmoz research reports that only the top four or five search results to queries actually result in traffic to a website. Goes Beyond Search Results

Search engines — and Google in particular — are certainly the main resources the vast majority of consumers use to estimate the reputation of a brand, business, or individual. Yet with the rise of social media’s influence, reputation passes through a variety of networks with both positive and negative effects on online reputation. It also manages to improve your online rep as it passes through these social spaces, providing you with some control over how your name is represented. This is not a simple task for any business to take on, and it’s certainly overwhelming for an individual to attempt to manage on their own. As your brand awareness or your own online influence increases, it becomes essential to find a way to monitor and manage your online reputation.

This service not only has tried and tested techniques for setting the record straight within social networking spaces, but the ORM service monitors activities such as attacks on your reputation and provides both automated and manual solutions to assist in deflecting their effects. Review sites are often full of insincere reviews, and it works to improve your reputation on these sites by adding positive reviews to counter the negative ones. A team of journalists and Web developers provide quality content for you to approve or edit for use in your reputation improvement campaign. The service also provides you with real-time reporting of the progression of the campaign.

How Differs From Its Own Competitors: Through Innovation Conventional and Innovative ORMThough there are other companies that perform services similar to what offers, is ahead of its competition by employing innovations beyond those of its competitors. The ORM service has launched Completed, which users of this service can use to showcase experiences, achievements, and success stories online. In a very real sense, Completed is an online résumé and social media platform that works to amplify and improve upon the other methods it utilizes to improve your name and brand reputation. is the Thought Leader in Online Reputation Management

There are many ways to attempt to manage online reputation. Some are conventional, tried-and-tested methods that have been demonstrated to work, such as setting the record straight in Google’s search results. Most ORM companies leave it at that, but this company is the thought leader in this increasingly necessary component of doing business on the Web, providing innovations such as its social media platform and revolutionizing the résumé. If you’re not planning on growing your brand and not paying attention to your online reputation, start making it a priority. Don’t let the court jester make a mockery of your brand. looks like a really good way to facilitate the process.

Do you pay attention to your brand’s online reputation? What have you done to monitor and manage it? Let me know in the comments below!

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