How Do You Start a Group on Facebook?

It has been said that Facebook is fast becoming the portal that could render traditional search a thing of the past. I happen to think these people are thinking like geeks and not like regular folks who find Facebook to be more of a social destination, but that’s another article altogether. In this article, I will show you how to start up a Facebook group, how to promote it, and just as important, why you might want to do this in the first place.

As many of you may have noticed, most of the Facebook tutorials out there are now out of date due to the ongoing frequency we see Facebook updating things on their end. It’s a pain, but this post should take care of your needs quite nicely. I will show you how to create a group and how to manage some of its features as well. Ready? Great, let’s get started.

Step One: Assuming you’re already logged into your user account, simply look to the right hand side of the page. Do you see the wording Create Group? Click it and a new box will open up for you.

Step Two : Now with the small box open, you’ll want to name the group. Name it in a way that’s relevant to whatever you’re trying to do.

How Do You Start A Group On Facebook

Step Three: From here, you can either select members already in your Facebook friends list or skip this by hitting the Create button — you do have to add at least yourself and one other, though. As for the privacy tab, you can choose to keep it private as Set Closed or Secret. Optionally, you can make it Open if you want the whole world to see it.

Step Four: Now you’re looking right at the group you’ve just created. From here, your options are fairly obvious. They basically work the same as they did under a regular Facebook profile.

Step Five: If you click on the Settings section, you’ll find that there are additional things to change such as notification settings for member posts and group chat messages. This helps you to keep the group under a watchful eye.

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