Google vs. Yelp Tension Building

There should be an image here!Why can’t Yelp and Google just get along? According to Yelp’s own CEO, there is tension building up between the two companies. Seems that not all is well between Google and Yelp these days.

The likely problem is that in many ways, both companies are after the same space. Difference is, more people are using Google these days as I for one. have bothered to use Yelp since the early days.

In the end, Google will win. They always do. But perhaps there can be some magic silver lining with all of this. Maybe Google can just buyout Yelp? Stranger things have happened.

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  • Dylan

    you do know Google tried to buy Yelp. Yelp even said yes, but at the last second changed their minds. Maybe that’s why.

  • Abigail

    Yelp is an unethical business that bullies businesses into advertising with them, filtering (call it hiding) legitimate reviews at its whim. It does not serve as a platform for popular opinion anymore.