Twitter Is A Huge Threat To Digg

Digg and for that matter Reddit, have become cesspools of hot air and “fanboyism”. Obviously this is merely my humble opinion on how both sites represent themselves these days, but in both cases, they do NOT reflect what’s really “happening” in a real time way like Twitter does.

Now this article takes it up a notch by indicating that its not so much the content that’s the problem for Digg, rather its ability to remain relevant in the new world of real time updates from the likes of services like Twitter.

The cold hard fact of the matter is no one outside of a select few, biased fools, have control over the content that “trends” at Digg. Simple as that. Whereas Twitter is truly, a number game, completely free of any “moderation” and control.

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  • TomasF

    I dunno. I think Twitter is just as skewed as Digg, just along different parameters. Twitterers will of course deny this fiercely, but the fact is that Twitter is primarily an active channel for a few (relatively speaking) extrovert mainly tech-, marketing- and publishing-industry related people and some exposure hungry companies. and of course a undergrowth of assorted users that I dare suggest don’t add up to any significant numbers or volume of traffic.
    I wouldn’t take twitter weighted info any more serious than I would Digg.

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  • oztech

    I never understood why Kevin Rose gets so much press for Digg. The media seems to love it and that’s what keeps it afloat. I haven’t bothered with Digg in over a year and removed the ‘digg this’ button from my site long ago.

  • CJG

    Digg is done. For now, Twitter is the one. This too shall pass, as people “get over” Twitter when they realize it is just another channel for self-promoting blow-hards and marketers.