Is Factual A Wiki Or A Search Engine?

There should be an image here!To say that Wikipedia provides facts is like saying that the TV news is pure and without bias. And in some areas, I see this as being where I hope that Factual will perhaps one day put the club know as Wikipedia to bed for good.

The differences are interesting. Where Wikipedia is editable by anyone, we all know it is the “powers that be” that will come about and determine whether or not something is factual regardless of your references provided or other documentation. Factual on the other hand, deletes nothing when someone makes a change/addition, instead allowing people to make up their own minds based on facts/data provided to substantiate something.

Certainly not going to be a replacement for Google, I see Factual as being something that with any luck, will help to get the “club” over at “Agendapedia” in gear to realize that providing “sources” does not always mean what is being offered as fact is indeed, true.

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