Search Has Winners And Losers

There should be an image here!Is Google under any real threat from competitors? Sure does not sound that way when you look closer at where things are at. Despite the fact that Bing, Facebook and Twitter getting into the search game, Google remains king of the jungle.

To date, the only real threat to Google would be Bing…a few years down the road. Facebook and Twitter however, are great for spotting trends but are not going to be real helpful in the transitional search world.

As for how advertising will do as each of these search sources continue to grow, it’s going to be battle royal as competition heats up. Lesser properties such as Yahoo, Dogpile, Altavista among others will likely continue wear down a the bigger kids continue to take up the advertising sources from everyone else.

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  • Hotrao

    Google has become so pervasive and so stable in our lives that no real big threat is coming, I think in next periods.

    What could be more likely to happen is that some contenders turn in niche players (like I think will happen for Wolphram Alpha) and get some little specific market shares from Google

  • Robin

    Google doesn’t make money off search, they make money off targeted advertising based on search results. Social media is the hot new area for advertising because it offers greater targeting capabilities because you will not only know what they are searching for, but you also know alot about them as a person.

    There are also other emerging advertising channels: there are more phones on the planet than any other device and people almost always have their phones with them. When you combine this with location awareness you can create very targeted ads. Advergames and in-game advertising is another channel that offers highly engaged audiences – the average time someone spends on a search results page is roughly 90 seconds – you can spend hours in a game.

    All of these channels are dominated by more established players, not Google. But, Google does have the ad inventory and they are not sitting on their hands. IMHO Wave and Android I believe are two critical areas for Google to succeed in – SEM is becoming old school.