Big Skies And Little Common Sense In Bozeman

There should be an image here!Is the city of Bozeman going too far? Let me ask you this – would you be willing to hand over your social network login(s)? Most of us would never dream of such a thing. Despite those feelings, this is what the Bozeman city jobs require it apparently.

The news really got out there once a local news outlet got a hold of the details of just what it takes to work for the city. What, a background check and a credit history is just not enough anymore? Is this a public office? No? Then why in the world someone’s social media activities matter?

Simple, it’s a reflection on your employer. Yes, even I when using Twitter or Facebook, has to be careful on behalf of those I am contracting with. So I can see the logic in asking the employee for commonsense restraint. Does this mean that it makes sense for someone working for the city should also be careful with their efforts in the social web? Of course. But asking someone to turn over their login info, is ridiculous.

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  • GadgetNut

    Sounds like another insufficiently informed, backward, partially-clueless government official has been educating him/herself via “the interwebs” again.

    Even the federal government, which routinely requires background checks and security clearances to work there, don’t require this. Even in the federal government, a supervisor has no rights to an individual’s login credentials. There are policies in place to deal with violations of security, but collecting logins in advance isn’t one of them. It’s too draconian, and a little too ‘proactive.’ Bozeman has no right to that information, even contingent on what “might” happen. The social media accounts do not, or will not contain content that is exclusively related to the employee’s job. Therefore, potentially Bozeman is asking for access to content to which *they* have no rights. Tell Bozeman to stuff it! Or simply say that you don’t have any login. Taken to the extreme, if everyone who works for Bozeman that has a social media account just quits, and Bozeman’s government function comes to a halt because of it, how stupid will they, and the politician who proposed this, look then?

    If you never post anything relevant to your job, or to indicate that you work for the city of Bozeman, there is no ‘damage.’ Bozeman is too full of themselves. If everyone who had an interest in visiting Bozeman were to write them and tell them that you’re now boycotting them because of their stupid policy regarding their employees, causing a hit in their wallet, perhaps they’ll back off. Tell Bozeman to take a flying leap!

    Make a person responsible for what they post after the fact surely, but making a policy requiring their logins is simply showing their stupidity. I’d bet this particular story has done more “damage” to Bozeman’s “reputation” than any singe posting from an unknown individual ever could have. As the saying goes “Never ascribe to malice” what can adequately be explained by stupidity.

    Forget you, Bozeman…

  • Tim

    Pretty dumb. They can do a standard background check and find out enough. I should think that EVERYONE ALREADY working for Bozeman City Government should surrender their Facebook login and password accounts and any other personal affiliations online so that new employees can be confident they aren’t working for some weirdo or person involved in unseemly things online. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
    Otherwise it’s just foofoo beaurocracy rhymes with hypocracy.

  • http://naturesiteone zitiboat

    lest we forget…working for someone other than your own homestead is not mandatory for citizens in this country.
    Used to be if you had a skill and wanted to exchange that for bartered goods or services, you went to a job. The company or employer chose workers based on character, ability, and agreed on wage. Now employers are forced to hire deadbeats, crooks and perverts to be fair to all miscreants.
    You no likey job/you no worky there and get over yourself.
    Of course before that there was indentured servants, sharecroppers, and being born into an apprenticeship not to mention slavery.

  • “gunner”

    before i retired i worked as an armed guard for an armoured truck service, handling literally millions of dollars in a day. while the company did run a background check on me as a condition of employment they did not pry into my private life as the city of bozeman proposes doing with its prospective serfs. a question, do the mayor and city council intend to submit themselves to any such invasion of their privacy? i strongly suspect the answer will be “no”

  • Connor Bryant

    wow. wow. woa…

  • Cliffystones

    Sounds like another “left wing loon” plot to me!

  • Mark Rosch

    Bozeman Reverses Password Demand (@lalisa93 via HuffPo)