Facebook Redesign Going Retro

There should be an image here!As reports roll in about Facebook looking to back away from their recent redesign, I find myself wondering why? Perhaps part of it is not seeing much appeal with Facebook in the first place. And even now, with the different UI, I still end up setting my Twitter account up to make those updates to Facebook as I really don’t spent much time there trying to make heads or tails out of the UI.

Don’t get me wrong, it is vastly better than anything provided by MySpace. And there are some pretty decent apps out for Facebook. But I guess my problem is just having most of my contacts on Twitter instead.

At this time, I am still on the fence with regard to Facebook. I want to get more on board with it, yet find myself still trying to figure out stuff like what a “box” is and how I add stuff to it. Once I have more time to spend in that social space, I believe I will be more in tune with what Facebook has to provided…regardless of UI changes.

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  • http://www.shutupinternet.com Zack Shapiro

    You have to remember that at this point, the majority of Facebook’s users are students looking to communicate. The Social Media aspect of breaking news and sharing information on Facebook is nowhere near the scale that it is on Twitter.

    Facebook is the new AIM.

    Facebook’s users called en masse for the old design as soon as the new design went up, more so than previous design protests (because its users complain whenever the design changes). They’re just giving the users what they want. I say why not make your users happy? It’ll keep ’em on the site.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bobbyh Bobby Halick

    honestly i don’t understand why people have such an issue with facebook’s recent layout. It may not provide the same customizable page that we used to have, but it crams so much information in such a small place that i don’t see why we care? And on the comment of boxes, i don’t even bother with that crap. I use facebook purely for connectivity and communication, and it works flawlessly. I love the new things they do because they add to the streamlined aspect of the communication “flow”. Wall posts and comments have the functionality of messaging and also the community of a bulletin board. Google Wave will perfect this idea later this year when it launches. Thats a good idea, you should do a video on that chris! if you haven’t already! But in conclusion Facebook is great, don’t deal with stupid apps, be a mature social networker! Do that and Facebook is THE perfect tool. (btw i do pair facebook with twitter)