From MS Office To Google In The Enterprise

There should be an image here!As shocking as this might seem, it appears that some of Microsoft’s worst nightmare is coming to life. While they maintain a strong hold on the Office suite market, it is difficult to argue with the pricing difference between what Google can offer and what Microsoft is selling.

No real surprise that Google has been able to make the switch a doable one for a number of enterprise situations based on the overall savings available to those who choose to make the change over.

It’s said that Google’s Enterprise offers could be anywhere from 5 to 20 times cheaper than what Microsoft is selling. Wow, those are staggering numbers and frankly, are difficult to ignore. So even though the volume of new enterprise users is not there yet, it does appear that Google is making tremendous progress nonetheless.

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  • JasonN

    Cheaper, but also offers less “control,” which is a perception quickly losing traction in corporate culture. Cloud or hosted services are losing stigma and economies of scale are tough to beat.

    Software on desktops have limited use. Only intense programs performing intense jobs, like graphics design, etc. will survive the hosted ap revolution.

    Just 7-8 years ago you couldn’t get investors on board for ASP models. “ASPs don’t make money.” Boy were they wrong :)