From The Man To Take Microsoft Into Competition With Google

There should be an image here!Sometimes it’s fun to look back over the years to see what was happening way back when. Like going back to a much earlier meeting had between Redmond giant Microsoft and then new search engine powerhouse, Yahoo.

At the time, Yahoo was growing like mad and Microsoft was interested in exploring the possibility of working with the growing search engine company. But what strikes so many people as completely insane was Ballmer’s prediction that search was merely a fad.

Yes, apparently he felt that eventually, there would only be a few websites left on the Internet thus rendering the need for a search engine in the future, a moot point. Comical, especially considering how much involvement Microsoft has in search these days. Nothing against Ballmer, this is a mistake that anyone could have made way back when. After all, the Internet was still a place trying to find its land legs.

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  • Zenium

    If you read the article the assumption about consolidation is already happening almost in the way described in the article.

    I only use a general google search when I’m not sure where to look for ‘information’ and ‘solutions’. If I know generally what I’m looking for I target the search to specific sites using the ‘site:’ option. Works like a champ to keep down the nonsense repetitive stuff that a general google search yields.

  • D Lowrey

    If this law does end up in front of the SCOTUS…it will be overturned. The only reason it would not be is if the five pro-corporate/pro-law enforcement justices were to die or retire. I say this because the Roberts court has continually ruled for law enforcement and corporations over and over.

    On the other hand…when it goes in front of the ninth circuit…it will be upheld…even though you will hear the police cry boo-hoo that their hands are tied. With the mentality that ┬ásomeplace/somewhere a bad guy is getting away with something the police want to use to make themselves look good. When you consider the police are not there to protect you…but those in power…this comes more into focus where their aim is.

  • Nino Brunori

    Can someone from California explain the 4th Amendment to Law enforcement in say New York, Texas and Florida?

    New York has a habit of stopping people of color then patting them down without probable cause. Texas has a stop on the highway, checks you for ID and searching your car with absolutely no warrant and a lot of armed intimidation.

    Florida recently shut down an entire section of Highway 301 to stop cars for safety inspections.

    At the airport they still have the ability to search ALL your devices when returning to this country. If you refuse to give them your password they can confiscate it to be checked by their experts.