The Best Way to Start Programming for Free

We all have good ideas, right? But sometimes these good ideas take more skill than we have at our disposal to bring to life. Maybe you’ve thought of the perfect “app for that,” but haven’t ever programmed a line of code in your life — …continue reading

Three Social Network Startup Suggestions

I want to make a social network. Where do I begin? I’m asked this question often, probably because I am an experienced community builder. At the time I’m writing this, Wikipedia will tell you that LockerGnome, Inc. …continue reading

Learn to Code Bootcamp Bundle

Knowing how to program a computer may seem like a far-fetched dream for “ordinary” people. After all, don’t you have to be some kind of genius to manipulate the will of a machine and have it do your bidding?

…continue reading

How to Improve Your Website’s Reputation

On, Harold asks:

How do I improve my website’s reputation? What tools are available to do this?

Reputation management has changed a lot in the past 10 years. Previously, your website’s reputation was built largely on your advertising and less so on …continue reading

Learn to Design Website Landing Pages

Knowing how to build websites is sort of like gardening. Some people enjoy taking it up as a casual hobby, while others commit themselves to it as a full-time career. And just as with hobbies and full-time jobs, some people are naturally …continue reading

Hello, World! How to Get Started Writing Apps

One of the questions I am asked all the time is how I learned to write software. That question is always followed by “will you teach me?” Creating applications is a complicated process, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn. You may already have some …continue reading

What is the Best Platform for a New Developer?

Steve writes:

I am a control engineering student about to finish my studies and I’m preparing my thesis, which I decided would be a project including Web programming. I decided I want to get my hands on this because I want to figure …continue reading

Mobile Apps Vs. HTML5

There are many different ways to make an app for a platform like iOS and Android. You could build an application out of native parts with little to no functionality requiring an active Internet connection. You could also build one that is little more than …continue reading

Humble Beginnings in Web Development – Advice for Newbies

Gnomie Tom “Mousey” Lovelady writes:

Hey there Chris,

I’m attempting to delve into the world of coding and Web development in order to successfully begin creating applications for mobile devices as well as for Web sites; I hope at some point to be able …continue reading

Page Speed Online: Google is Making You an SEO Expert

Guest blogger Lance Seidman writes:

Creating content for the Web can be sort of a difficult thing to do and, as more people try, it seems a lot of people aren’t having success trying to be content creators. You may notice, however, …continue reading