9-15-10: Internet Explorer 9

Why do I have such feelings of dread about this? It is more than my long held animus to Internet Exploder. I’m finding myself wondering what might happen if – totally unexpected by me – Microsoft should actually turn out a great browser.

Would it be the end of the world as we know it?

(the flash animation, which no doubt appears somewhere on this page, is as showy as the original Windows 95 use of “Start Me Up” by the Stones. Let’s see if this has one–tenth the mettle of Windows 95)

The thing about it is that, with all this build up, like some new Star Wars movie, or perhaps a new chapter to War of the Worlds, it is most definitely put-up-or-shut-up time for Microsoft.

With all the talk about end-to-end hardware acceleration, it had better be, at the very least, the fastest browser on the Windows platform ever seen.

If it is not, it is a total failure, as Microsoft has every detail at every step of how to make the thing fast – an unfair advantage if there ever was one.

So, considering the fact that I am sure, based upon what has already been released, I will hate the interface, the speed had better be devastating, or once again we will see that the best days of Microsoft were when Bill Gates was there day-to-day, and the siege mentality served the company well.

Speaking of the interface, from what has been released thus far, it could best be called imitation Chrome, or perhaps, like that stuff found on cheap goods designed to look as though made of metal, Shiny Plastic.

Opposing views welcome, as well as any other comments!



No doubt this should be updated, but will a new one put Internet Exploder 9 any further up the chart?