Memory Always Big, Now Becomes Designer!

Not only is there an “arms race” in the ranks of the major memory suppliers, a crusade has been undertaken to make the memory a major point of differentiation in the computer. It used to be that heatsinks were there to perform a function, and color was only there to keep the aluminum used from oxidation.

Now the heat spreaders are found in all colors, as it has become very simple to anodize aluminum in almost any color of the rainbow, but the shapes and designs of the spreaders have gotten much more differentiated, with some looking as though they were going to give the memory stick the power of flight.

G.Skill is one of the best performers today, and also provides a level of quality matched by few other companies. I have yet to get a bad stick of anything that says G.Skill on it.

The company has put out several very high speed DDR3 kits for the latest Intel motherboards, in dual channel and triple channel configurations, but now it has come out with a series designed just for the AMD set.

The series is called Flare, and unlike some other manufacturers they work at standard voltages, so the heat stays low, and are available in various timings –


Taiwan-based G.Skill International has recently presented the newest addition to its memory offer, the Flare series of DDR3 kits that specifically aimed for use within PCs based on an AMD AM3 platform.

The four Flare kits introduced all work at 1800 MHz powered at 1.65V but have different CL settings that set them apart – 6-8-6-24 / 7-8-7-24 / 8-8-8-24 / 9-9-9-27 and determine their final price tags. The fresh RAM also makes use of a new aluminum heatsink and comes backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Flare series kits should hit stores in the coming weeks.

Following the link above will let you see the very interesting design of the Flare heat spreaders, which are anodized in red and black. (They should go very well with the high end Asus motherboards [ROG] for those interested in color coordination.)

Those interested in performance, and less about looks will also be impressed by the performance, as my experience with G.Skill is that their memory can be bumped up as much or more as any other provider, except possibly Mushkin.


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