Thirteen1 Giving Away 50 Star Trek Online Beta Keys

Between now and Jan 1st 2010, Thirteen1, the entirely free-to-read Web-based gaming magazine, is giving away 50 beta keys for Cryptic’s highly anticipated upcoming MMORPG, Star Trek Online.

Already set to be one of most popular games of 2010, Star Trek Online is finally bringing the much loved Star Trek franchise to the MMO space, with gamers and “trekkies” falling over each other in a bid to get their hands on early access. From Dec 21st to Jan 1st, Thirteen1 will be randomly giving 45 keys away through its Twitter page, with another five up for grabs in its community forum.

How it works

When Thirteen1 makes a tweet announcing an open window of opportunity, you will have three hours to go to its Web site via the tweeted link and enter both your e-mail & Twitter name. After the three hours are up, Thirteen1 will automatically pick a winner and announce it on its Twitter feed. Opportunities to win beta access are scheduled to be randomly “tweeted” from 5 pm GMT on Dec 21st, with up to five chances to win every day until Jan 1st.

Once you have entered, you will be automatically entered into the draw for every window of opportunity — meaning one entry puts you into all 45 draws! (Christmas is a busy time, after all.)

However, if you want to increase your chances of winning, you can enter your details every time a new window opens and multiply your chances of getting beta access.

In addition to the twitter giveaway, Thirteen1 will also be giving five keys away through its community forum. All you have to do is tell the folks there why you deserve a key here.

Thirteen1 did this for Cryptic’s other recent MMORPG, Champions Online, and some of the entries were fantastic. The best five posts will each get beta entry to Star Trek Online.

TIP — Be original and catch the eye of the judges. A daft video or a picture always goes down well!

Follow Thirteen1 on Twitter for a chance to win now.

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