iPhone Updates By AT&T

There should be an image here!At first these new AT&T additions to my iPhone’s abilities sounds like a great idea. After all, adding some new features might help with AT&T’s networking suckage a fair bit, right? Perhaps not.

The first feature up on the map is overage alerts. Cool, but not really life changing when you consider the fact that 99% of the iPhone users out there on AT&T are protected by their roll over minutes. So yes, despite going over my anytime minutes, there is zero effect on my account in a negative way. Sort of defeats the purpose, no?

Last and definitely lamest – amazingly weak voicemail advancements. You too can now bypass the AT&T standard intro to get into your voicemail account. And of course, easily disable both custom and default voicemail greetings from within the iPhone handset itself. Seriously, this is the big upgrade, AT&T?

Last time I checked, I think people were wanting something a bit more compelling than that. How about the option to eavesdrop on voicemails being left in real-time, then be able to pick-up like we used to with old fashioned answering machines? Or maybe Twitter DMs when voicemails are left? At least that would be something.

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