Censoring the Inauguration Speech in China

Most people around the world will remember where they were and with whom they shared the historic moment of President Obama’s inauguration speech. For millions of Chinese people, the version which they were allowed to hear was filtered:

“China has censored parts of the new US president’s inauguration speech that have appeared on a number of websites.

Live footage of the event on state television also cut away from Barack Obama when communism was mentioned.

China’s leaders appear to have been upset by references to facing down communism and silencing dissent.”

link: Obama speech censored in China

Words and ideas are to be feared. In the age of the internet, unedited versions of the inauguration speech will find its way to the Chinese people. However, the Chinese authorities will have been able to censor the initial content. The news editors will allow only acceptable news – that does not change with a new political administration.

Catherine Forsythe