MGM on YouTube

So MGM is going to put full featured movies on YouTube. According to a Mashable Article which opens with "So much for the idea that YouTube and Hulu aren’t direct competitors."

Now forgive me for being rather non-video oriented. Is this thing going to fly? I personally use Miro, my DVD player, and have tried Hulu. I love YouTube but I don’t think I want to sit through a full length movie on it. For "serious" video content, I desire my couch, remote control and some popcorn. Here is another interesting statement from the same article:

…MGM is not ready to move their entire catalog to YouTube. "We will have some long-form videos up on YouTube, but I don’t think that’s the platform to have 30 or 40 movies up at once. I feel much more comfortable doing that on a site like Hulu," says MGM’s co-president Jim Packer.

Hmm… Mr. Packer doesn’t seem 100% confident in this does he? I don’t know what is going to happen or what is best but now YouTube is in the mix.