Fast Food Chains Post Calorie Count

The customers at the fast food chains in New York will have a difficult time avoiding the calorie count of what they will be eating. The calorie counts will be posted on the menus. The numbers might surprise some people:

“… the truth may be hard to swallow _ like 1,130 calories for a Big Mac, medium fries and a medium soda.”

link: A 540-calorie Big Mac? NY Chains Post Calorie Info

The amount of calories one needs is dependent on many factors. As a general rule, males need more calories than females. However, that is not necessarily the case all the time. Factors like age and level of activity have to be taken into consideration. A very rough way of calculating the daily calorie needs is this way:

  • sedentary people: weight X 14 = approximate calories needed per day
  • active people: weight X 20 = approximate calories needed per day

The calorie count posted by these fast food chains are most likely the best estimates. For example, it probably does not count the calories if you add ketchup to the burger and fries. Nevertheless, the figures point to why so many children have weight issues. This is the calorie count to which their bodies adapt. And, after a Big Mac, medium fries and a medium soda, they still might be ‘hungry’.

Catherine Forsythe