Gas Stations May Not Charge You More For Credit Cards

Did you know that Gas Stations (actually any store or company) may not charge you more for using a credit card?

It is a violation of their Merchant Agreement with the credit card companies to advertise, have a sign, or state there is an additional fee for using a credit card. However, stores maybe able to get around this rule by offering a “Cash Discount” but since most gas stations and stores that are charging fees are not following this technical distinction they’re in violation of their Merchant Agreement.

If you have been charged an additional fee for using a credit card, instead of being offered a cash discount, you should call your credit card company and complain. You should even be able to dispute the additional charge levied as it’s a violation of the Merchant Agreement.

When I pull up to a gas station and see they’re charging an additional fee for credit cards I pay cash or drive to another gas station. I feel arguing with the attendants will get you no where and is a complete waste of time. Instead, I later call Mastercard and Visa and report the station.

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