Keeping your Mac cool

If you have a Mac Mini or and of the Mac laptops then you know they can get pretty hot. Well there is a program called smcFanControl Download Here that will allow you to take control of the fans manually. Now what I didn't include in the video is how to do this without harming your system. First off I wouldn't set the fans above 3500 RPM this could burn out your fan. Next you need to keep the Processor below 75*C but they can reach 100*C without any damage being done. So for my Mac Mini I idle the fans at 1800 RPM and at about 65*C go to 2000 RPM if that doesn't cut it then I go to 2500 RPM and if it reaches 70*C with that I go to 3000 RPM. Now this is when it starts to make noise. next I go to 3500 RPM if it exceeds 75*C with the fans at 3500 RPM. I don't set the fans any higher than 3500 RPM, but I will shut the computer off at 90*C. Also if you are having overheating problems you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean out the fan vents. Please leave your questions as comments and I hope this was able to help you.