The God Debate

The battle between science and religion has been going on longer than any war known to man kind. While this battle sheds no blood or death — it is something that will never be settled. Theologists have been debating whether or not to teach evolution in school for years. Whether or not it belongs in the science class room is not something for religion to decide. In the end, evolution is science and creationism is religion. They do not belong in the same topic.

WASHINGTON – Scientists hate God. Or find God very disturbing. In fact, modern science has found no evidence of God, and so it’s stupid to think God exists.

The above statements are often presented as conventional wisdom, but are they true?

A new collection of short essays, discussed here Thursday at an event at the American Enterprise Institute, responds to that question with a more diverse set of voices than is usually offered.

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Scientists are starting to fight back, but claiming that there is no evidence that God exists. While this is true, the statement also holds up that there is no evidence to show how Earth was created. The big bang is just that, a theory — as is the creation theory.

Evolution is something that cannot be fought — the evidence for the subject is overwhelming. However, who says that there cannot be a mix of both theories? What if the world was created by some sort of ‘great power’ which then evolved?

By teaching evolution in the classroom, no one is saying that you have to believe the topic. It is a fundamental part of biology. Teaching biology without evolution would be like driving a car without some source of fuel — it is not possible. Religion on the other hand cannot be taught in schools — because there are so many different religions in the world.

Justin Capasso