“Anti Bill Gates: WTF is wrong in Redmond?”

This dude can rant!

Microsoft is full of crap. Why did I get windows? Oh yeah:

I had no choice. Dell sent me my Dell Inspiron | 1501. It was pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows XP. Before, I had viewed Microsoft as a household name for quality. That was before I began my research. I wanted to know the secrets of Microsoft. So I began. My research had taken me into the cobwebbed history of this company. I had looked to Bill Gates as a role model. How wrong I was. He lies, slanders, and he will do anything for money. It isn’t money that is evil it is the love of money that is evil and he who strives for it in a selfish way. That is to say that Bill Gates has hurt many people in his strife for ‘green’.

The one way he has hurt people is his closed mind and ears. Many people have had their life ruined by identity theft online. Since Most people use internet explorer. The Browser is very insecure. The data encryption may be 128bit, but there are holes in the browser that can lead to system compromise. Even if you have no personal Info on your computer, hackers can do anything even route illegal software, child pornography, or viruses (usually infecting the trafficking computer).

Most people trust Microsoft more than the OEMs who built their computer. I need to tell you something very important about Microsoft’s Work. It isn’t really theirs. They just bought other people’s work and modified it to bear the name Microsoft.
Bill gates is not worthy of a centi-billion dollars.

He sells bad products purposely. This Ignorance is a greatly unrecognized threat to society and Computer Users alike. I don’t understand Why Bill Gates Chooses to sit back and watch his unstable Operating System Crash. Maybe it’s because he thinks we will just take whatever he dishes without knowing what the secret of the product is. Windows is an unsteady operating system that people buy into because it’s a Microsoft Product. That is not being a smart *or* informed consumer. If you choose to ignore this and go about the day on your PC, you just need to know that there is a choice. Macs May be expensive, but a Mac mini isn’t. Microsoft doesn’t want you to know that, so they try to smother you with advertisements to blind you of the light beyond the door. Macs are easy to use, but most people would rather use their old pc. Well, a pc isn’t just Windows anymore.

Now there are Operating Systems that will load on a windows computer that are just as good if not better than Windows.

Linux is a free OS that easily runs on your PC. You can import settings/files from windows or just wipe them off the face of the earth. They are many “flavors” of Linux. Some, such as Ubuntu, are very versatile and usable. Linux is free and usually very easy to customize. Most companies are writing versions of there products in Linux, due to the growing number of people who use it. Many people hate Linux however due to the complexity of the “Underpinning”.

Why are we under this leash? Oh, so we will have to use Microsoft products. Microsoft Will keep trying to make its users keep coming back. Is there a reason for this control craze? Oh yeah, Money. Money, Money, Money. People don’t want to pay for something if a better alternative is FREE! If you like shelling out $800 for every 3 PCs at your workplace for Vista and Microsoft Office 2007, you are a retard. Sorry to be so harsh but that makes NO sense. Microsoft Windows Vista $400 + Microsoft Office 2007 $400 = $800. The product keys of the past named to products run out after 2 uses. But, Ubuntu Linux $0 + OpenOffice $0 = $0! And no product key is needed for Ubuntu or Open Office! Now, why do you *need* Windows? One thing about Linux Is W.I.N.E. WINE allows you to run all of your Windows Programs on Linux!

Woah, this dude is p1ss3d off!

-edit- the name of the creator is ——-, a friend of mine.