5 tips for writing school papers

Tips for writing school or college papers

keep sentences simple

Keeping your sentences simple will make them more understandable and will make it easier to avoid grammatical errors.

Don’t plagiarize

Plagiarizing carries serious consequences. In some schools you can automatically fail the class or be expelled from school altogether. There are many websites on the Internet that will help you figure out how to cite you sources. Many English textbooks have a chapter or two that focus on citing all of the different types of sources. If your using Word 2007 it has a built in sources manager that I’ve used successfully on my papers. The main thing is that if the words or ideas didn’t come from your own brain you need to cite them.

learn how to cite your sources

Citing sources is an important skill to learn because it will help you avoid plagiarizing.

always read through your final product

Writing a perfect paper the first time is almost impossible. It is important to read over your paper a few times before turning it in. In order to be sure that it’s ready for handing it in try: reading it out loud or having other people read it and see what they come up with.

start writing

No matter what your writing assignment is it’s not going to write itself. What you need to do is just start writing. Before you know it you will have to edit you paper down. Also, when writing your paper say what you want to say and then end it. The person grading your paper has probably seen all kinds of ways that people try to plump up their papers. Avoid using a lot of filler or gimmicks (i.e. large fonts, odd margins, etc.) in your paper to get it to the required page length or word length.