Lunch with Seth Godin: Putting the Go in Goals (and Godin)

Those of you that have followed my blog for awhile are aware of my relationship with author and marketing guru, Seth Godin.  Since the SEMpdx Webinar, I’ve keep in touch, which led to a lunch meeting while I’m in New York for Search Engine Strategies blogging for Search Marketing Standard.  The primary reason I had lunch with Godin was because I set a goal last January (long before I’d ever talked to him) to hang out.  Seeing that goal written down for months led to my initial contact, and subsequent follow through in securing lunch.  We met at a quaint uptown restaurant, Candle Café, where we enjoyed conversation over extremely healthy AND delicious food.  I learned that Godin graduated from Tufts with an engineering degree that so leveraged loopholes that it was discontinued after he left.  When asked whether or not he was a good student, he indicated his focus in school was to learn, which included starting and managing businesses, as well as pulling what he could from classes and leaving the rest. I also asked what he’d do if the Internet hadn’t come along, and he said he would still likely be in the book packaging business, which was his original trade.  While he enjoys living in New York, his dream home would be in Portland (serious).  He also shed light on his writing process, from concept to book name to finished product.  Unfortunately, we ran out of time before I could ask how his book is doing and what’s next for the prolific writer.  I was able to get a helpful bit of advice about Anvil Media, and our place within the search engine marketing landscape.  It was everything I hoped it would be and more…and all because I wrote a goal down over a year ago and followed through to make it a reality.  Next time, lunch is on me.