Plus! Windows 98 Themes for 2000, XP, or Vista!

Do you miss the good old days of Win 98 and the classic theme? Are you sick of the new aero interface? If you want some good old themes for your PC, I have the perfect answer for you!

Kteck, a regular over on the Wyldryde IRC network, took his time to create a package of downloads that allows you to install and use Plus! Win 98 themes on Windows 2000, XP, or even Microsoft’s lovely Vista. Check out a screenshot of the space theme — now who wouldn’t want that?!

Kteck also makes a widget pack [Updated link here] that lets you access some of the ustream community from your desktop, both on the Mac and Windows.

  • Matthew Crockett

    It would have been more helpful to provide a link to actually download the themes

    • Robert Glen Fogarty

      When this was originally posted in ’08, the link from the words “widget pack” probably did go there. Alas, we have no control over content that is hosted at external websites, and it seems that the link is no longer valid. Sorry — we’re only as helpful as the Internet allows from posts that are six years old!

      That being said, I was able to use Google and track down the place where this widget pack seems to currently reside. I make no promises that this will still be valid six years from now, so please keep this in mind when you’re determining how helpful we are here at LockerGnome. :)