MCSE Certification = Microsoft Certified Stupid Engineer

A friend of mine told me a story today that made me roll on the floor laughing. This friend has worked for many companies and taking technical phone calls. We’ve all heard the stories of dumb users calling the help line before. The CD as a cup tray. The guy that can’t find the ANY key. But this one I never heard before.

He says this guy calls about a network connectivity issue. After giving the guy a few pointers, he gets huffy. He states that he is MCSE certified and has tried all the simple suggestions that can be thought of. So my friend decides to troubleshoot deeper. He asks for the MAC address to his network card. Immediately the guy lashes out! THIS ISN’T A MAC, THIS IS A PC!

Priceless! This is why I never finished my MCSE. It means nothing.

  • IGnatius T Foobar

    MCSE only means that the person was able to memorize information from a book and pass a test. It doesn’t indicate that someone knows what they’re doing. I’ve seen some truly talented MCSE’s and I’ve seen some that can’t troubleshoot their way out of a paper bag.

    (Of course, if they were *truly* smart they’d be Linux people, but that’s a discussion for another day…)

  • garegin

    mcse doesn’t teach you networking fundamentals. and that is fundamentally not a bad thing. it focuses on Windows Server administration. The same way a physics teacher is not going to teach you algebra. It is prerequisite knowledge.