A New Year’s Resolution


www.stepbystepfundraising.com_images_pig-fundraiser perhaps everyone wasn’t meant to be in on the joke…

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the way that Sun was using the Java Update mechanism to inquire if the user might wish to try out Open Office. Although some complained about the policy, it was basically benign, and never forced the download, as anyone who actually read what was occurring found out.

Now I have a rather large gripe that is about the same company, and I resolve to keep complaining to Sun about it, until it is stopped, or otherwise changed.

Oh, beneficent ones, there is a small problem…

To wit, if any of you have downloaded the more complete Star Office 8 package, through the GooglePack,

www.sumitbahl.com_images_google_logo perhaps other things have been on the Googlers minds…

and have used the product lately, the upper right portion of the tool bar keeps referring the user to an updated version, and sends the browser to the Downloads Area on the Sun website.

All of this is fine until the user realizes that 1) the download is not available as an anonymous FTP, 2) when doing the sane thing, and following the site instructions to sign up for download capability, the user gets refused access. Also, 3) when going through the help area, as frequently occurs on websites, there is not one thing truly relevant to the matter. 

To add insult to injury, after all of the maneuvering about the site to alleviate the roadblocks and get the update, a window pops up and asks if I would recommend the site to others with a 0 – 10 rating. Naturally, since this has happened a few times over the past month or so, I gave a ‘0’ and left the site.

Thinking once again that the problem might be one of miscommunication between Google and Sun, I whipped out the Google Updater application, only to have it tell me (again) that all my installed software was UTD. So much for that.

Naturally I left a note for the people at Sun, and will continue to stay on this, as the ‘squeaky wheel gets the grease’, and I’m prepared to squeak a lot. (I have unequivocally recommended this in the past, and perhaps some tempering of enthusiasm is called for!)

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